Bowl of parsnip soup with coriander and parsnip crisps on top

November is a month for getting ahead, and whether you’re joining in with Stir-up Sunday, making a start on those edible Christmas gifts, or batch-cooking for winter, a day or two in the kitchen now will save you a load of time (and stress!) come December.

Whatever you’re cooking, make the most of November’s fantastic seasonal produce, starting with these glorious seasonal fruit and veg. Think crispy kale snacks, succulent sausage rolls, hearty soups and wintry side dishes that suit the season so well. Plus, buying seasonally can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money – win-win! 

Take a look at our recipes for some late autumn inspiration and get cooking!

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Seasonal fruit recipes in November

Apples are a firm family favourite, and they’re at their best come November. Baked, stewed, pickled, juiced or grated – they’re super versatile and packed with the good stuff. Try grating them into porridge with pecans and maple syrup, blitzing them into a creamy soup, or baking with red onions, parsnips and chipolatas for a wintry midweek meal.  And if you’re looking for a Bonfire night pud, Jamie’s one-pan toffee apple buns are incredible! And for vegans this toffee apple upside down cake is hard to beat.

Pears really come into their own during autumn and winter in the UK, and November is when they’re perfectly ripe and juicy. Turn them into delicious desserts such as our beautiful pear tart tatin, but they also work incredibly well in savoury dishes like this pear and gorgonzola pasta recipe

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Seasonal vegetable recipes in November

Kale is a highly nutritious vegetable that’s packed with vitamin C and a good helping of vitamin K, vitamin A and folic acid. It’s brilliant value for money, keeps well and tastes great, so it’s a no-brainer during the winter months. Our sesame-roasted kale recipe shows off how well it crisps up in the oven for a quick snack, and just a handful of raw kale added near the end of cooking will bring a bit of vibrancy to a wintry stew.

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Swede is a humble British vegetable that’s a great source of vitamin C and packs a proper punch. Try boiling and mashing it for an alternative to mashed potatoes, adding to your favourite stews, soups or curries, or chopping them into wedges and roasting with herbs and spices for a tasty side dish. This Welsh cawl recipe is a wonderful celebration of root veg like swede, while this super shepherd’s pie uses swede in the mash topping for bonus flavour. 

Red cabbage is one of our festive favourites! Gently braised with wintry spices, its bright purple colour brings a welcome vibrancy to cosy roasts and other winter dishes. Our braised red cabbage recipe makes use of apples too, so it really is a seasonal star. And if you want to get prepped for the festive season, our recipe is easy to make ahead, and will sit happily in the freezer until the big day. 

Another veg that we can’t get enough of in the winter months is the humble parsnipBrilliantly versatile, parsnips can be  roasted, mashed, added to casseroles and risottos, baked into an indulgent gratin, or used to make a gorgeous, savoury tarte tatin. We like to cook them down until dark and sticky, team with a handful of spices and then blitz into a beautiful spiced parsnip soup. It’s naturally sweet flavour pairs perfectly with the warming spices, making this one of our favourite parsnip recipes.

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If you haven’t enjoyed a globe artichoke over the summer, now’s the time to do so – just before the season comes to an end. They’re simple to prepare (when you know how), and taste amazing. Bake them simply with almonds and herby breadcrumbs or try with skate, capers and crème fraîche – heaven!

Sprouts aren’t just for Christmas! November is the month to make the most of them as they start to come into season, tasting sweetest after the first frost.  Roast with Parmesan and a little chilli for a mega snack, or cook them with chorizo, chestnuts and a little sherry vinegar for the ultimate roast dinner side dish.

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