Joseph Yacino

YaDa Chef | From Ft. Lauderdale, FL | Member since March 04, 2009 | Recipes (10)
YaDa Chef is an organic catering and personal chef company. Food and a healthy eating lifestyle is my passion. The glimmering thought of YaDa Chef was in 1999, but YaDa Chef was not born until 2000 when I partnered with Bryan Daniel. Bryan is the baking genius in our kitchen. YaDa is the combination of two surnames, Daniel and Yacino. Obviously I am the “Ya” and Bryan is the “Da”. We also like to think of it as a double positive meaning “yes, yes chef”. Please do not say to Bryan or me “yada, yada, yada”! I grew up with a father of Italian decent and a mother of Polish decent…okay enough of the jokes! Food was a very important part of our daily lives. My Nanna has to have been the only Italian Grandmother that did not cook! She had the recipes, which she passed on and critiqued to the daughters in law, but cook, no! Babci, was a terrific cook and had a passion for it. My love of Polish/Eastern European food shows that. Babci liked to leave out that one (1) so important ingredient ensuring no one could cook like her. After much practice I think I have found the missing ingredients. My basic recipes and knowledge of Italian, Neapolitan food was from my mother passing on recipes and my dear Nanna’s critiques. Training in England, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Scotland, as well as the United States, has helped me captured the classic and regional styling of each country. I was part of the opening team for the Saturnia restaurant in the Doral Park Avenue Hotel in New York City. Saturnia was inspired by the original owners of the world renowned Doral Resort and Spa in Miami Florida. With an on staff licensed nutritionist, Saturnia promised that the maximum calorie tally of any combination of appetizer, main course and dessert on its menu would not exceed 723 calories. Having had the opportunity to work in South Beach as Chef and co-owner of the Agora restaurant in South Beach, FL helped me to blend flavours and techniques of different cultures. Additionally I had the opportunity to manage and cook in a variety of restaurants from the upscale tapas restaurant El Farol in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to casual eateries including Clancy's Gourmet Garden Pizza and Raw Bar, Nickels Diner, and a host of other establishments. We are members of Meeting Professional International, Partners in Healing, a holistic and natural business and networking group, and the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce, the East Pompano Beach Civic Association, as well as being a strategic partners with Fire Power Seminars. As active bloggers on our own blog as well as having a blog page and forum participant on Jamie Oliver’s web page we give advice, tips and feed back to other food professionals and enthusiasts.