Bipins Masala

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..... I am a scientist with a real passion for creating authentic Indian food, that is healthy and not swimming in ghee! In a nut-shell a passionate lover of authentic, unadulterated Indian food, I would like nothing more than to introduce real authentic Indian cuisine to everyone's kitchen; from the novice cook, the student, the busy mum, the professional chef as well as the catering industry. Frankly, there is just too much processed food where the natural taste is missing and the flavour of spices is destroyed by the artificial industrial cooking processes employed to make sauces, pastes and ready meals. There is so much more to true Indian cooking which naturally captures those famous tantalizing flavours than rows upon rows of pasteurised jars of curry sauces. There is nothing mystical required, just need to use fresh whole green herbs & spices in the time honoured correct combinations. My desire is for you to serve a professionally cooked, authentic curry made in your own kitchen for a family meal or a dinner party with 100% confidence in the end result and without the hassle of hours of preparation. I have taken the very best of the freshest ingredients and real whole spices to create a real curry that's fit for my parents and granny too! Bipin�s Masala is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wowing your tastebuds with an unadulterated curry, a truly unique Indian cooking experience that delivers the most delicious curry you�ve ever tasted. There�s been astounding 100% positive response from the hardcore curry enthusiasts, to professional chefs, to the novice and occasional-curry eaters, the professional foodies, as well as mums and dads and young children. For 20 years I have been cooking for my family, fussy friends and for parties and special celebratory occasions. It is with that experience I have successfully combined my professional scientific background with my self taught culinary skills to synthesise the fresh, vibrant and invigorating Bipin�s Masala. It�s taken me over 2.5yrs to prefect the fresh Masala curry paste. It works in everyone�s hands, every time, all the time. Give it a go. You won�t be disappointed, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Bipin�s Masala fresh curry paste is natural, pure, fresh and contains no additives, no flavouring, no colourings and no preservatives. Suitable for Celiacs where a Gluten free diet is required or have lactose intolerance. The Masalas are totally versatile and can be used with chicken, red meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.