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Re: Fridge vs. Countertop

I buy my eggs from local who have chickens, rarely from the supermarkets, and always keep them in the fridge....mostly because I have always done so! However when the weather is really hot (40C to 45C) as it was last week I am happier if they are in the fridge as, if we are out (and therefore no a/c) the house becomes a bit too warm for the eggs in my opinion. The eggs in supermarkets here are not refrigerated.

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Re: Fridge vs. Countertop

Washed eggs!!  That's a new one for me. Sounds like beauraucracy gone mad.  The eggs in the local supermarket are sold from the fridge. But the local butcher from his counter top. Both sell free range, the butcher's eggs are local, so we try to support him when we can, He doesn't have as big a supply in winter months.

I keep my eggs in a bowl in a cupboard. They don't last too long in this house anyway. Gobbled up by greedy boys.  smile

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