Vodka Martini

Vodka Martini


  • A shaker or stirring glass
  • A bar spoon (a teaspoon will do)
  • A strainer
  • Cocktail glass


  • 2 parts Grey Goose vodka
  • ½ part chilled Noilly Prat
  • Dry vermouth
  • Optional: dash of orange bitters
  • Cubed ice
  • To garnish: Lemon zest

How to mix

  1. Chill your cocktail glass (the easiest way is to fill it with ice)
  2. Add plenty of ice and the Noilly Prat to your shaker or stirring glass and stir to make sure the ice is coated with Noilly Prat, then use your strainer to pour away the excess
  3. Add the Grey Goose vodka to the stirring glass or strainer
  4. Stir the mixture for about 30 seconds to chill and dilute the drink then strain into the chilled cocktail glass
  5. Garnish the drink with a twist of lemon peel. To make the lemon twist, cut a long piece of zest (around 8 to 10cm), then tightly wind the zest around a straw or the handle of a teaspoon. Remove your straw or spoon and you’ll be left with a spiral.
  6. Rest your spiral on the rim of the glass and serve