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Microwaves ... Do you have one ? ...What do you use it for ?

I have a small microwave which I have to say I rarely use .
When I use it mostly it's just to heat a little bit of milk for some coffee of hot chocolate , or very occasionally to reward something  and that's about it !

I sometimes wonder if it's worth taking up the space on the shelf .

When the children were small we had a larger microwave that we would use for making microwave meringues .. These were always a touch of magic that the children loved to see , we would put in this little blob of a fairly solid mix looking similar  a blob of fondant icing and after a very short while in the microwave out would come those pillows of light meringue ... Their faces were always full of amazement no matter how many times they saw this happen.

Do you have. A microwave ?
What do they use it for ?

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Re: Microwaves ... Do you have one ? ...What do you use it for ?

Yes, I couldn't live without my microwave.  Firstly, it's the best way to reheat left overs, especially soups and stews.  Even roast is better to reheat in a microwave because it stays moist unlike if you stick it back in the oven.

I also steam veggies in microwave safe baggies, they come out perfectly.  I melt butter, warm up a cup of water for my tea, warm up my coffee if it's gone cold, and many people swear that it's the best way to steam fish but I haven't done that myself. 

It's also a good way to defrost in a hurry, but not meats!  I defrost soups and stews mostly.

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Re: Microwaves ... Do you have one ? ...What do you use it for ?

We use microwave/freezer/dishwasher safe containers with plastic lids for freezing homemade meals.  We use the microwave for:

boiling water
heating sauces (for pancakes, gravies)
melting butter
warming leftovers
steaming vegetables
cooking perch fillets - similar to cooking in parchment parcels in the oven
Speeding up cooking of hard vegetables - baked sweet potatoes, winter squash, baking potatoes
melting chocolate, making ganache
cooking bacon
drying flowers in silica gel

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Re: Microwaves ... Do you have one ? ...What do you use it for ?

It's a place to throw my car keys on top....

I use it for:

warming leftovers (sometimes)
melting butter
And once in a blue moon......steam once or twice a year.
same with hot dogs....I rarely buy them and when I do I usually but them on the stove in water

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Re: Microwaves ... Do you have one ? ...What do you use it for ?

I use it for heating leftovers, melting chocolate, butter and thats about all.

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Re: Microwaves ... Do you have one ? ...What do you use it for ?

I use mine to defrost mainly, warm up cold coffee, steam salmon and shrink crisp packets to make keyrings out of.

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Re: Microwaves ... Do you have one ? ...What do you use it for ?

I use my microwave quite often, but mostly for

warming up leftovers
heating up milk
melting butter

I also cook milk rice in it when I am making a milk rice casserole.

Since I have Jamie´s 30-minute-meals I also use it to cook potatoes (never done that before!) when I´ve been working until late and still want oven roasted potatoes as a side. Apart from milk rice and potatoes I´ve never cooked anything else in the microwave.

Oh, I made popcorn in those special microwave bags once or twice, funny, that!

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Re: Microwaves ... Do you have one ? ...What do you use it for ?

I have one and it is an essential part of my kitchen. It is used pretty much daily - if not by me then at the very least twice by my boyfriend.
We use it predominately for:

* Reheating leftovers;
* Steaming vegies;
* Defrosting;
* Making the occasional super indulgent choc pudding (thank you Basco for making my family fall in love with gluten free cooking);

It is also a good shelf for my stunning glass yellow & red flower vase and a pic of me, mum & Maggie Beer taken a few years ago smile

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Re: Microwaves ... Do you have one ? ...What do you use it for ?

I use mine for defrosting in emergencies (when I've forgotten to remove the food from the freezer early enough - which is becoming more frequent) but mainly for grilling as there is an electric grill element incorporated into the unit.

I have never used it for cooking.

Edit: I tell a lie - I use it for "starting" jacket potatoes (1.5 mins per potato) prior to putting them in the oven.

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Re: Microwaves ... Do you have one ? ...What do you use it for ?

I steam my veggies in it and use it for melting chocolate and butter and defrosting soup that has been in the freezer.

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