Food Revolution Day is just over two weeks away, so today The Sun has published a letter from Jamie, appealing to parents to join in the campaign.

In his letter he asks parents to think about what they feed their children and, if it is unhealthy potentially leading to health problems later in life, to try and change to healthier options.
But of course it's not just about parents, Jamie has an aside to the Government, which has just removed minimum nutritional standards from academies.
He writes: “This is exactly the sort of thing Food Revolution Day is standing up for.
On May 19 thousands of people around the world will come together “” businesses, schools, sports stars and celebrities “” to hold events, dinners and cooking classes with the aim of putting good food back on the agenda

For information on events in your area and how you can get involved or even host your own, visit the Food Revolution Day site.
One of the amazing events is a virtual dinner with Jamie, where you can interact with him from LA via Google Hangout

Read Jamie's full article in The Sun.


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