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Save Our School food standards

Jamie stepped back in the ring on the school food fight last November. During an interview on BBC Breakfast, he made his thoughts clear on the government’s decision to make new academies and free schools exempt from the nutritional standards for school food across England.

Jamie explained, “The standards are there to keep everyone on their game. We know there are new academies and free schools out there doing great things with food but despite Mr Gove’s trust in all schools to act in the best interest of their pupils, the reality is that with budgets being squeezed and the nutritional legislation no longer applying to these schools, not all of them are. Sadly, there is already evidence from caterers that some of these school are allowing the poor quality food that we were fighting to stop five years ago to slip back in. I am sure that if we don’t do something about it we will see is a reversal in food quality. This will be disastrous for our kids’ health but also for the improved behaviour and concentration we are seeing in our kids as a result of the better food.”

If academies and free schools no longer have to comply with the standards, more than 1 million children in England no longer have to be given healthy lunches. Worried that the government would be putting us all back to square one, and once again risking the health and education of our kids, Jamie set about enlisting the help of some of his fellow school food campaigners by issuing an SOS call to action asking them all to join him in his fight to Save Our School food standards. They all agreed and now Jamie has joined forces with The Children’s Food Campaign, LACA, The Food for Life Partnership and School Food Matters to urge the government to listen and make the no cost decision to put the nutritional standards for school food back on the menu in all schools including new academies and free schools. Zac Goldsmith MP has also joined Jamie and today tabled a motion on school food standards.

Here is where you come in. Jamie’s SOS call is now reaching out to you. We need your help to make a difference. Our friends at the Children’s Food Campaign have created a simple and quick online action which finds and then tells your MP that school food MATTERS to YOU. It’s quick and it’s easy! Take action now at To send the strongest message to the Government, we need as many MPs as possible from across all parties to sign this motion. Get yours working for you!

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About the author: Juliane Caillouette Noble is the Social Media/ School Projects Assistant


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