The world is watching as Food Revolution Day approaches and events around the globe highlight the fight for better food.
From Sao Paolo to Jakarta, Chicago to London, folk will come together on May 19th to raise awareness about how small changes can positively affect global food issues.
Among the events in the USA is the Chicago Chef Demo where you can join Chicago's top chefs for a day of demos, learn from your own interactive stations, talk to health experts and local farmers; up to 300 attendees are expected. Or how about the Kids Day at the Calabass Farmers’ Market where the children take control of their food at this community-wide event. Children will be invited to gather fresh fruit and veggies from local farmers. Huntington Kitchen (Jamie's original Food Revolution site in the USA), will welcome visitors for an open house and cooking demos.
Canadians too are getting into the spirit with Richmond Farmers Market Tours an event designed to help young people and new visitors to the market explore and learn about the different fresh foods they can enjoy there.
Or how about Brazil with the Sao Paulo Street Market Tour in Moema, joining people who want to learn how to buy fresh vegetables and fruit from local farmers. Followed by a walk in Ibirapuera Park guided by Sofia Fortuna, a Social Scientist and healthy food advocate.
Meanwhile in Europe Good Food Tour Amsterdam will be showing off its up-and-coming healthy and organic food principles, with its abundance of farmers markets, shops and great places to eat.
Check out Food Revolution Day Jakarta in Warung Kopi Nusantara, with cooks showcasing local food producers as well as workshops with young farmers, university students and nutritionists talking about world hunger and ways to solve it.
You can also join in at home by cooking up Jamie’s Tapas Feast or joining Alyssa Milano’s dinner party with recipes online to make sure you don’t miss out on what promises to be the biggest single event about food and health in history.
In the lead up to Food Revolution Day, we will be checking in on the international ambassadors determined to make a difference, and highlight their events. Keep an eye out for the updates and meanwhile visit the FRD site for more info on how to get involved and what is happening in your area.


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