A non-stop, 24-hour bike ride to raise cash for Jamie’s Better Food Foundation is being attempted by Jamie’s Business Editor Jonny Garrett.

Jonny (25) will be riding from Fifteen Cornwall to Fifteen London in 24 hours on the 14th and 15th September and he aims to raise £1,500.

He said: “I’m having dinner at Fifteen in Newquay before leaving and then hopefully arriving for some champagne before Fifteen London closes the next night!

“The ride is 269.5 miles long, going over Exmoor and Dartmoor, cycling through the night. We’ll go through Exeter, Andover, Kingston then Central London. I’ll have a support van and a team of three cyclists who will ride with me in shifts (drafting) to make things easier on me.”

You can follow Jonny’s progress on Twitter @jonnygarrett.

The Better Food Foundation educates people about food, teaches them to cook, campaigns for food education in schools, takes unemployed young people and gives them a new start in catering, and inspires people to live better, healthier lives. Read more about the amazing work it does here.

“This event is not going to be easy,” Jonny added, “I will have to wax my intimate areas. I will crash. I will cry. I will get cramp. I will have to cycle through Swindon. Please, please show your support and help new generations have a better life, all around the world.”

To help Jonny reach his target, make a donation here.


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