Food Revolution Day on May 19th is a truly global affair, so here we take a couple of minutes to chat with one of the participants.
Janice Leung is hosting events in Hong Kong; so what is she cooking up?

What events are you hosting for Food Revolution Day?A few things – I've put together a cooking class for Hong Kong foodies, journalists and bloggers – influencers, for lack of a better word – people who are often called upon to give out food advice. Chef Stanley Wong of The Studio by Culinart will be teaching and lending us his fabulous space, and we've got sponsors for beef and local organic vegetables. A second thing is sending photographers to set up “photobooths” at farmers markets, so people can have photos taken with the produce they've bought and share it through social media channels.

Why do you believe it is so important?
It sounds like a cliché, but it's true: you are what you eat. Food is a basic necessity. We need it to live, and to live well, we need to learn how to eat right. Contemporary society seems to be losing this knowledge. Once we've re-learnt it, we can pass this knowledge and culture on to future generations.

Are there problems with obesity, too much fast or fatty food in Hong Kong?Because Hong Kong is small and we still have fresh food markets, in general the situation doesn't appear to be as serious as the US or the UK. We have a culture of cooking at home, but that is fast diminishing. I'd say many people born after the '70s no longer cook, or even know how to. As adults (some of whom are parents) are working ever longer hours, processed and fast food have become increasingly common. I don't have the statistics, but I believe obesity and diabetes are on the rise here, just like the rest of the world.


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