Here we have a quick chat to Edouard Morhange who is overseeing the Paris Food Revolution Day.

What events are you planning for FRD?

We have many projects going on the day. We have markets with producers coming to explain the meaning of the day, big picnics from Slow Food, some of the famous restaurants too will be creating special menus for the day. Some of the events will be for up to 50 people, such as the soup demonstrations, but the lessons for youngsters will be a lot less.

Why is this so important for France?

I think French people are very concerned about the food at the moment, we used to have very classic food until the 1970s and then we started losing things such as home cooking skills. We ended up facing to problems with obesity. We want to show people how to find great products and to teach people how to prepare them. This kind of event is great to develop these concerns.

This is also something I care about and I really appreciate the tone and approach of Jamie’s campaign. We need to teach everybody, not just the rich and educated as these problems aren’t really within these communities. It’s those that think it’s all right to watch 3 or 4 hours TV a night, seeing these fast food ads targeting their children.


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