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Step inside Jamie’s world as he shares a lifetime of cooking knowledge on YesChef, the premier education platform for home cooking. Discover how to make Jamie’s big-hitting recipes and why these dishes mean so much to him as he shares stories he’s never told before. 

Join YesChef today for instant access to all classes, including lessons from renowned chefs from around the world. Access Jamie’s exclusive class and learn recipes, techniques and secrets from the best of the best in your own home.

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Step inside Jamie’s world as he shares a lifetime of cooking knowledge on YesChef, the premier education platform for home cooking. Discover how to make Jamie’s big-hitting recipes and why these dishes mean so much to him as he shares stories he’s never told before. 

Join YesChef today for instant access to all classes, including lessons from renowned chefs from around the world. Access Jamie’s exclusive class and learn recipes, techniques and secrets from the best of the best in your own home.

Get 35% off your YesChef membership, with 50% off for the first 500 of you to subscribe using the discount code JAMIE50. T&Cs apply.

What you'll learn from Jamie on YesChef

Discover more about all 22 of Jamie’s YesChef lessons

Bucatini carbonara

Jamie gets together with mentor, best friend, and chef Gennaro Contaldo to cook up an Italian classic. Learn how to transform a few ingredients into an unforgettable savoury pasta dish, with plenty of tips to get carbonara right every time.

a variety of fresh, homemade pasta in different shapes and forms, laid out on a floured wooden surface. Including pappardelle, fettuccine, tagliatelle, and angel hair or capellini. Above are lasagna and ravioli sheets. From Jamie on Yes Chef

Fresh pasta dough

Unlock the secrets of homemade pasta and discover its joy and ritual. Learn Jamie’s fail-safe tips and tricks, and master the basics, such as how to activate the gluten, knead and roll out the dough, and hand-cut 8 different types of pasta.

A bowl of creamy pasta with Parmesan shavings on top

Pasta bianco

Take your pasta-making skills up a notch with Jamie’s classic pasta bianco. Creamy, silky, and delicious, this dish is Italian simplicity at its best. Learn the principles of pasta sauces so that you can expand your pasta repertoire in endless new ways.

Bowls of yoghurt with juicy roasted fruit, sprinkled with an oat crumb

Grilled & roasted stone fruit

Learn how to transform stone fruits into a show-stopping dessert. Jamie uses peaches, nectarines, apricots, and plums, but you can use whatever fruit is in season.

Plate of green salad with fig and balsamic

A celebration of salad

Everything you need to know to make the ultimate salad! With Jamie’s guidance, you’ll learn the principles of building crunchy, delicious, and satisfying salads. Discover new ways to combine vegetables, fruits, greens, proteins, cheese, herbs, and toppings, all to achieve true salad greatness.

A bowl of vibrant green pesto surrounded by the ingredients to make it including nuts, herbs, Parmesan, garlic and lemon

Principle pesto

This classic Italian sauce is both versatile and easy to make. Jamie guides you through the nuances of achieving an intensely flavoured homemade pesto. Don’t miss his game-changing secret ingredient.

Jamie's squash curry for YesChef, topped with coriander and served with fluffy rice

Squash curry

Jamie teaches you how to max out on flavor with this heart-warming veggie dish, ideal for any day of the week. Learn how to make a nutritious curry from scratch, balance spices, and cook perfectly fluffy rice.

Jamie making a smoked salmon sandwich with white bread and a squeeze of lemon

Smoked salmon sandwich

This simple smoked salmon sandwich is Jamie’s ‘favorite sarnie ever’. Jamie meets his friend Max Bergius from London’s renowned Secret Smokehouse to uncover how the best smoked salmon is made. Discover how crème fraîche and a drizzle of lemon changed Jamie’s life. 

Jamie stretching bread dough after proving, in his YesChef class

Principle bread dough

From pizza to calzone, focaccia to twister bread, Jamie’s principle dough recipe unlocks countless bread variations. Learn how to develop the skills you need to master dough and bake with confidence.

Twisted bread rolls with layers of pesto

Bread, two ways

Now that you know how to make Jamie’s principle bread dough, learn his tips and tricks for making pillowy focaccia with a crunchy bottom, and a show-stopping pesto twister bread.

Grape & hazelnut pizza. The perfect pizza - made using Jamie's principle bread dough recipe from YesChef

Pizza party

Push your culinary skills up a level and create incredible pizzas at home, using Jamie’s principle bread dough recipe. Jamie shows how to experiment and be creative with his Italian favourite. 

Strawberry jam margarita with a sprig of mint in the glass

Strawberry jam margarita

Give your margarita a Jamie twist by using strawberry jam and fragrant fresh herbs. This refreshing cocktail goes well with a round of pizzas and a group of friends.

Jamie leaning on the counter with a full Sunday roast including a giant Yorkshire pudding, roast beef and greens

Jamie's Sunday roast

An iconic British Sunday roast you’ll want to make again and again. Transform your roasts into unforgettable meals by learning how to make the best roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetable sides, classic condiments, and a rich, homemade gravy. Seconds, please!

Six different ways to prepare salmon, laid out on trays

Prep & fillet fish

Gain the confidence and technique to break down a whole fish at home. Jamie walks you through the skills you need to select, fillet, and prep an entire fish, plus his method to create a variety of serving styles and how to make the most of the trimmings so you can waste less, meal prep, and save money.

Salmon fillet with couscous and vegetables like broccoli, peas and tomatoes

Pan-seared salmon

Tasty, colourful, and full of the good stuff, learn how to prepare pan-seared salmon and seasonal vegetables, couscous, and harissa yoghurt in just 10 minutes. Drawing from decades of experience and his own dedicated Nutrition team, Jamie shows you how balanced, healthy eating can be both satisfying and delicious.

A silky omelette on top of a slice of crusty toasted bread, with finely chopped tomatoes to top it all off.

The perfect silky omelette

Take a walk in the woods with Jamie, light a fire, and learn his secrets to making the most luxuriously silky eggs. Experience the sounds in this special ASMR lesson, as you discover it’s all in the technique. No instructions, so listen and watch closely!

A bowl of spaghetti arrabbiata with Jamie sprinkling herby, crispy breadcrumbs on top

Spaghetti Arrabbiata

Be bold with humble ingredients and learn how to craft Jamie’s fiery pasta arrabbiata, packed with chilies, anchovies, tomatoes, and garlic. Find out why vodka is the magic ingredient for a game-changing sauce, and how to add a crunchy twist to any pasta dish with a herby pangrattato.

Fresh green ravioli with ricotta cheese and lemon for the filling

Green ravioli

Learn to take your pasta-making to new heights as you colour and flavour the dough, roll out your sheets, and prepare a herby ricotta filling with a simple butter sauce. Perfect for weekend cooking with the family, Jamie teaches how a little patience turns into unforgettable meals and memories.

Mushroom and aubergine shawarma served on a brass plate with pickles, carrots and dressing

Mushroom & eggplant shawarma

A vegetarian shawarma like you’ve never cooked before. Learn how to marinate and roast humble vegetables, turning them into a total crowd-pleaser. Then, pack the flame-roasted veg onto homemade flatbreads with DIY pickles, tahini-yogurt, dukkah, feta cheese, and fresh herbs.

Chicken and leek pie with a puff pastry topping. Served on a plate with broccoli. Other plates in the shot hold mashed potato and the rest of the pie

Chicken & leek pie with mash

Learn the key principles of pastry making, which can be applied to both sweet and savoury pastries. Then, while the dough is resting, Jamie teaches you how to poach chicken for super-tender results, create a sumptuous mashed potato, steam fresh greens, and make an umami-packed gravy. Bring it all together for the best pie, ever.

Jamie like you’ve never seen him before

Enjoy a personal glimpse into Jamie’s world, and the food that has shaped him over a lifetime of cooking.

  1. Jamie holding a tray of buns, which will be baked in one of his YesChef classes
    The inside story

    See Jamie introduce us to the places that mean the most to him, from his hometown in Essex, to his favourite London food haunts. Along the way, he shares his funny and heart-warming memories – this is Jamie like you’ve never seen him before.

  2. Jamie leaning on the kitchen counter smiling at the camera with a freshly-cooked pie and mash in front of him - a recipe in his YesChef class
    Learn his secrets

    Master Jamie’s big-hitting recipes and discover how to make easy meals that don’t compromise on flavour.

  3. Jamie holding a dish he's just cooked outside on the grill for one of his classes on YesChef, with the forest as a backdrop.
    Cook his food

    Cook along with Jamie and be inspired to lead a healthier, happier, and more delicious life.

You'll learn how to:

Master simple cooking techniques

Gain confidence in the kitchen

Learn time-saving principles for faster, easier meals

“Jamie-fy” recipes at home with ease

Prepare delicious, nutritious flavour-packed meals

Adopt Jamie’s approachable cooking style 

Cook smarter with Jamie’s tips and easy swaps

Choose the freshest and best quality ingredients

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What is YesChef?

YesChef is a brilliantly immersive online cooking platform that showcases cooking lessons by internationally renowned chefs from around the world. Learn recipes, techniques and secrets from the best of the best in your own home. The platform already offers classes with Francis Mallmann, Nancy Silverton, Asma Khan, Kwame Onwuachi, Edward Lee, Erez Komarovsky and Dario Cecchini.

How many lessons will Jamie be sharing?

Over 20 lessons, Jamie will teach a lifetime of knowledge, techniques and recipes for home cooks, showing anyone how to turn simple ingredients into extraordinary meals.

What can I expect from his lessons?

Jamie will teach his favourite dishes in a way he’s never done before. From the dishes that shaped his childhood in Essex, to the recipes that made his career in London, this is Jamie like you’ve never seen him before. You’ll also go behind the scenes at his London HQ and his family home in a one-of-a-kind documentary. The whole experience will unlock the secrets behind 25 years of Jamie’s food, favourite recipes, and approachable cooking style.

What skill-level is needed to follow the lessons?

The lessons are for everyone! The recipes are really easy to follow.

When will Jamie be on YesChef?

Jamie’s class started streaming in September 2023.

When can I see the documentary?

It will be streamed in April 2024, after all of his lessons have dropped. The 50-minute documentary offers a personal glimpse into Jamie’s world.

What kinds of recipes will Jamie be making?

Expect everything from homemade pastas and epic curries to principle traybakes and brilliant British puddings. He’ll also cover everything from prep and knife skills to baking and roasting; from making healthy meals to crowd-pleasing centrepieces, all the while sharing his top kitchen secrets.

Why did Jamie want to do it?

Jamie says, “Working on my YesChef class has been a real joy. It’s allowed me to teach and tell stories in a way I’ve never done before. It’s given me the time and space to get into the detail of things that really matter to me. It’s super-exciting, super-geeky – which I love – and super-personal. I’ll be sharing the dishes that have shaped me and my career, and the food I like to cook for my family – it’s the food, flavours and techniques that symbolise who I am as a chef. I’m really excited to share them with the world.”

What will I learn?
  • Master simple cooking techniques
  • Learn time-saving hacks to cook faster and easier
  • “Jamie-fy” any recipe at home with confidence
  • Prepare more nutritious meals
  • Adopt Jamie’s approachable cooking style 
  • Recognise the freshest and best-quality ingredients
What will I get for my subscription?

As a subscriber, you’ll have unlimited access to YesChef’s ever-growing bank of inspiring videos and practical lessons. You also get access to a recipe PDF, step-by-step guided lessons with cook-along steps, and the ability to easily jump back to specific moments in every video.

How do I subscribe?

Visit Yeschef.me/plans and choose the plan that suits you.

What devices can I access YesChef on?

Watch on your smartphone, computer, tablet and TV; anytime, anywhere. 

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please contact YesChef directly. You can cancel your membership renewal at any time from your user profile, and your membership will not renew. Please note there are no refunds for partially unused membership periods. If you have more questions, check out our support page or chat with us. We are happy to help in any way we can!