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Re: Notice of Revocation of Independence

Those “sports” may be played in other countries, but they aren’t really international sports like rugby, football and cricket. They are played as American sports; in the same way some people in America might play sumo.
I used to play rugby at school; I don’t remember lifting anyone though or seeing people lifted. I do remember a lot of smashing though, and it was as hard as we can but without body armour.

Flat beer, warm beer or cold beer, don’t know, don’t drink. Well, I do drink my teas with two teabags for extra flavour though.

About the fuel, well that is something we can agree on.
Only problem is, why do you call it gas? It is clearly a liquid? What do you do if you drive a dual fuel? How do you differentiate between CNG and petrol?

How about a swap you can have foot ball, cricket and rugby and we can have your fuel prices?

And we’ll throw in the queen for free!

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Re: Notice of Revocation of Independence

Just thought i'd add... im actually from australia.

Also, baseball in japan is not played as an american sport. it is actually VERY popular over there and like i said, they are very good at it.
Also, if you play rugby just with a couple of mates, yeah, theres no lifting. watch a professional game though.

I also wouldnt really call rugby a hugely international sport. Nor would i for cricket. Cricket isnt actually played in that many counties that havent been settled by the english (such as aust. (and even here - even though we are quite good at it as a nation, it isnt really that popular)).

I will agree with the football thing (or soccer, watever the hell u wanna call it). I do think that it should take the title as being the original "football" and be called that, and have no other with the same name. American football can be known as gridiron and australian rules football should be known as something else (like the game of the queers with really short shorts)

About the gas thing, i dunno why they dont call it fuel. i reckon the word "gas" sounds kooler than "fuel" tho, lol.

Anyways, not big on the queen personally. From what i can tell, she doesnt really do much over ere so she isnt needed. we could have someone better lookin on the coin tongue

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