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#11 Tue 21 Dec 10 12:09am


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Re: Where can I buy Unpasteurised Milk

Ops, sorry about that, it should be www.lfm.org.uk/ - please note, this is only London, but I am sure they can point you in the right direction, or you can google farmers' markets in your area.

Anna, have you tried a hormone test. Often these things can be symptoms of something else. Is your body trying to tell you something?

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#12 Tue 21 Dec 10 11:34am


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Re: Where can I buy Unpasteurised Milk

The only legal way to get it here in Canada is to own the cow it comes from. It is illegal to give or sell  unpastuerised milk .     There is a  least one farm near here that sells shares in their cows though.  You buy your share and provide so much money for the farmer to look after it. You then get milk from your own cow.  Of course you then wouldn't be able to  give it to the rest of your family , so everyone in the family needs to share in the ownership . What a crock.  roll

Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule or a cook.  { cowboy saying}
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#13 Fri 11 Feb 11 1:48pm


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Re: Where can I buy Unpasteurised Milk

Believe me, pasteurized homogenized milk is only the tip of the iceberg! 50 years ago there were nowhere near as many cancers/health problems as today.And its all because of the cr@p in processed foodstuff we eat today.Of which the government could not give a rats ass about!! I recently read a book by Kevin Trudeau called "Natural Cures"(you may know him from the TV years ago selling,mega memory,speed reading).Its too long to go into detail,but did you know that chlorine,thats in our tap water,swimming pools/shower/bath water etc.... Causes scarring to the arteries in your body when absorbed! That long hot shower doesn't seem as inviting now does it? lol! This can be reduced by installing a internal filter to your water system by up to 99%,so not all bad!I'm never without my water filter,tastes so much better!! This kind of information should be publicly available to the people,as they have a right to know the detrimental effects caused by todays contributing factors.Not only that,but this choice to ignore,only costs us the taxpayer,billions of pounds a year in revenue,in the form of hospital treatments.Surely prevention is better (not to mention cheaper!!!) than cure?? One paragraph that appalled me,was that there are wild plants that grow in various countries,that can cure illnesses like cancer within months,leading to full recovery.But the person that discovered this was paid tens of millions by drug companies to keep quiet!! (just think how much they make per year in revenue!!) Just in case you are wondering its  aloe arborescens (aloe vera works just as good but this is 200% more potent) Not to mention that its probably the best supplement,you could add to your diet!! (apple cider vinegar (raw with mother) is another good health tonic,as it detoxifies the body,and keeps your arteries cleaner than a whistle!!  Cancer is only caused by a build up of toxins in the body (processed food mainly) so if you cant avoid these foods,then this is a good place to start!,and the vinegar rids your body of all toxins.Best place to buy online is ostlers cider mill (uk),as you can buy in bulk cheaply,and you only need 10ml 3 x a day.According to Fortune magazine, the U.S. alone spent almost $ 15 Billion a year for cancer research. And despite this amount, cure for cancer is still in the blank! " ayahuascwasi dot com/2010/aloe-arborescens-protocol/,"it also has the recipe for this tonic. I strongly advise you read Kevin Trudeaus Natural Cures, as it is a real eye opener!

Jamie oliver and his quest for better food,is a true legend and inspiration,to us all.(You dont see any other celebrity chefs doing this,now do you??)

Thanks 4 taking the time to read this,
God bless & may you have a long and prosperous life!!

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#14 Fri 11 Feb 11 4:55pm


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Re: Where can I buy Unpasteurised Milk

I used to get raw milk from Mathis Dairy in Atlanta, but I think they are out of business now.  They were a "registered" dairy and had much stricter regulations than dairies that pasteurized their milk, so I can't imagine why (well, yes I can) the infernal government had to get involved. angry

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#15 Fri 18 Feb 11 10:20pm


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Re: Where can I buy Unpasteurised Milk

You can buy unpasteurised jersey milk from John at Beaconhill Farm in Herefordshire.  Either collect it from the farm if you're close enough, or use his mail order service.  The milk is packaged in an insulated box with freeze parcel and arrives nice and cold the next day.  Tel: 01531 640 275 or 07986 329 081 and speak to John himself.  He'll tell you all about his farm, his cows and most importantly, his milk and cream!  Look out for his website at www.johnsjerseys.co.uk

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#16 Mon 15 Oct 12 2:21am


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Re: Where can I buy Unpasteurised Milk

Hey you can also buy Organic Raw Milk - from Emma's Organic Dairy in **** in the Ribble Valley. We delivery regionally and nationally and we're CHEAPER than everyone else on orders of 6Ltrs and above! Rare Breed Shorthorn Cows,  Superior Quality Natural Milk from a nature loving sustainable farm. You can order directly through the website Organic Raw Milk: www.organicrawmilk.co.uk

Our milk is Cruelty Free, easy to digest, delicious, high in Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids, natural butterfat and protein. Higher in Calcium, Beta Carotene, vitamin E, vitamin A & D and antioxidants & minerals. Did i mention it taste lovely! much better than Sainbury's Taste the difference Jersey Cow Milk! There are no nasty pesticides, antibiotics, genetically modified grains or milk producing female hormones fed to the cows.

Our cows are mainly grass and hay feed and aren’t given any Soya, Soya products or Genetically Modified feed as part of their diet.

We believe that Nature knows best, so we avoid giving our cows antibiotics, hormones unless absolutely necessary and then their milk isn’t used. Instead we let the cows graze on the medicinal herbs and shrubs in our natural organic fields and if necessary give them natural or homeopathic remedies to help them heal and feel better.

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#17 Mon 15 Oct 12 11:17am


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Re: Where can I buy Unpasteurised Milk

would you like all your products to be fresh and straight from the producer? then go to foodbritain.com as these people helped me out with getting in touch with the producers of the food. Cannot beat fresh produce!

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#18 Wed 10 Apr 13 9:54am


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Re: Where can I buy Unpasteurised Milk

Hey! We are having the EXACT same issue in Australia, luckliy there are famers that sell organic grass fed raw milk- but call it 'bath milk' and sell it in health food stores! Might have some luck asking around for that smile

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#19 Thu 11 Apr 13 3:01pm


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Re: Where can I buy Unpasteurised Milk

There's a lot of differing information here which seems a bit confusing to me, cos it's coming from all round the world!

While there are many places in the world (including Scotland) where raw milk is illegal to sell, my understanding is that you can legally sell raw milk in England as long as it is clearly labelled - so the original poster should be able to track down a source.

Antibiotics and hormones should not be an issue in milk produced within the EU, as giving growth hormones and routine antibiotics is not legal here.

As far as I am aware the biggest risk from raw milk is tuberculosis. Is this less of a risk than previously? I'm not sure - you'd have to look up the figures.

I try not to get into these kinds of arguments - whatever kind of milk you want to drink is fine with me - but there's a bit of scaremongering going on and I want to challenge it.

Pasturisation is not some sinister chemical process which alters the milk beyond recognition. It just involves heating the milk to 72C for15 seconds. The changes to the  chemistry of the milk caused by that are very minor indeed - far less than you cause by putting it in your tea or heating it to make a latte or rice pudding. UHT (ultrapasteurised) milk is more significantly affected by heat (hence the difference in taste), but stil, not in a sinister way. It's been cooked. That's all. If you make rice pudding with raw milk, by the time it's cooked, the milk is effectively UHT. It's no big deal, really, it's not.

The biggest actual difference between pasteurised and raw milk is pasteurised no longer has its natural cultures in it. Yes, that is a loss, and that's why some people (especially cheesemakers) prefer raw milk. Perhaps there are some benefits. But that does not mean pasteurised milk is going to kill you.

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#20 Thu 11 Apr 13 3:26pm


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Re: Where can I buy Unpasteurised Milk

hippytea wrote:

As far as I am aware the biggest risk from raw milk is tuberculosis.

I would say that Ecoli is probably one of the biggest risks .
Ecoli can be very dangerous , every so often someone who has a particular strain of Ecoli goes into renal failure and does die .

Whilst most people who drink raw milk or eat raw milk cheese have no ill effects , you knever know when the microscopic organisms are in the product and could cause serious illness.
Personally I would not drink raw milk myself and I also try to avoid raw milk cheese .

I have not read this but it's probably quite informative about raw milk , it's from CDC ( Centers for Disease Control )
http://www.cdc.gov/foodsafety/rawmilk/r … swers.html

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