Weaning recipes

Weaning recipes, advice and tips from Jamie Oliver’s experienced Family Food Team, created to start your baby on their food journey.

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Tips & Tricks for weaning

Try to include your baby in mealtimes – the enjoyment of eating comes just as much from the shared experience as from the food itself. Give Michela Chiappa’s delicious turkey hotpot a go – perfect for the whole family.

Single mashed veg, such as parsnips, swede, carrots or sweet potatoes are all good first foods to try, but you can mash up meals that the rest of the family are eating, too, as long as there’s no added salt.

It’s important to move quickly through different textures – your baby needs to learn to bite, chew and eat safely, helping with their speech development and allowing them to enjoy a wide variety of foods.

Introduce your baby to a wide range of savoury flavours, such as Michela’s smashed avo, basil & chicken – they won’t have a preconceived idea of what they like and don’t like yet, but, like anything, you may have to have a few goes before new foods are accepted.

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