Behind The Scenes @ Jamie's Comfort Food

22nd Sep 2014 17:40 More
Here's a sneak peak for all you Food Tubers onto the set of Jamie's new TV Series currently showing on Channel 4 every Monday at 8pm. It's in the UK only right now but there's loads of great how-to Comfort Food videos right here:

What's your favourite comfort food guys? Which dish is the one thing you like to make or eat which makes you the happiest? Let us know in the comments box below!

Links from the video:
How To Prep Squid | Pete Begg |
How To Prep Lobster | Pete Begg |
How To Make Caramel & Pecan Brittle | Pete Begg |
How To Cut A Cake Into Three | Kerryann Dunlop |
How To Make Chocolate Shavings | Kerryann Dunlop |
Ultimate Chicken Kiev | Kerryann Dunlop |
How To Prep Crab | Pete Begg |
How To Make Pasta Shapes | Gennaro Contaldo |

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