Hi guys! Today is the United Nations World Food Day. It's all about making sure that people around the world have access to enough decent food to lead active, healthy lives. This is something very dear to my heart as it's also five months since I started my campaign for food education for every child on the planet - Food Revolution day. This is important stuff so please hear me out!

I'll be taking my message of action to the G20 summit in a few weeks time. Thanks to ALL of you who signed our Food Revolution Day petition at we still need more to make the message heard!

And if you live in the UK ask your MP to consider a tax on sugary drinks to improve our children's health at . Read about the sugar levy and Children's Health Fund in the UK at

Join the conversation around World Food Day with #WFD2015

If you're lucky enough to have regular access to high quality food then please put it to good use. There are tons of free recipes and ideas on healthy, happy eating right here : or in

See you Monday!

Big love,

Jamie O

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Published: 16 Oct 2015
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