Thursday: Drinks Tube LIVE at London Cocktail Week | WAS LIVE!

9th Oct 2014 20:48 More
(PP) Includes product placement. This is the first night of Drinks Tube LIVE at London Cocktail Week. We've taken over a place off Brick Lane in East London. Let DJ BBQ be your guide to awesome cocktail recipes, tricks and tips and say hello to some of the best bartenders in the world.

In this show - the Mai Tai cocktail recipe with Rich Hunt, Joe McCanta demonstrates how to throw a cocktail, we chat with Ashens, Steve Schneider from Employees Only bar in New York's West Village shows us the Signal Fire cocktail plus we make one of YOUR cocktail requests!

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(PP) Big thanks to Bacardi for the drinks and expertise which went into making this vid happen.

Have fun and please drink responsibly.