There are so many brilliant things to do and see in Bavaria, this wonderful place is full of hidden treasures. Here are some of our Bavarian hidden secrets:

1) Smoking beer
As mad as it sounds this speciality beer obtains its taste from roasted malt. Unlike most other beers, where the malt is dried by hot air, the malt for the smoke beer is kiln-dried over an open fire. Cheers!

2) Helpful spirits
If you’ve had one too many Regensburg culinary specialities, you can always have a drop of Regensburg’s Karmelitengeist, a type of spirit distilled from herbs centuries-old and created by Carmelite friars. It’s excellent for settling the stomach but can also be applied externally, offering relief from all sorts of aches and pains.

3) Bavarian summer snow
One of the culinary trademarks of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the “Rothenburger Schneeballen”. These “Schneeballen” or “Snowballs” are made from shortcrust pastry rolled into balls and dusted with icing sugar.

4) Golden pralines
Two hundred years ago, Passau townswomen showed-off their wealth by wearing a rich array of gold-caps, known as Tracht. The Confiserie Simon was so inspired by these caps that they created a gold-capped praline made of the finest ingredients.

5) Nuremberg Bratwurst
The guidelines governing a real sausage are strict: they must be made of low fat pork in a lamb skin casing that is twisted into 7 – 9 cm long sausages each weighing between 20 and 25 grams. Finally, it has to have been made within the city boundaries of Nuremberg to be able to call itself a real “Nürnberger Bratwurst”.

6) Noerdlingen doughnut!
“Rieser Kiachle” is a doughnut-likecake; a round, flat yeast cake with a sophisticated decoration on top, often in the shape of an ear. The cake is traditionally served with a spiced apple sauce. Family recipes are kept secret over generations.

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