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Re: Parmesan Cheese - how do I store it???

dont forget to keep your dried up bits of rind and throw them in sauces and soups for extra flavour.  thumbsup

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Re: Parmesan Cheese - how do I store it???

whistle  the rind doesn't usually survive long enough to dry up around here..   I end up cutting off pieces of it and gnawing on it  lol

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Re: Parmesan Cheese - how do I store it???

We put our rind into rissotto almost turns to complete mush but a nice touch.

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Re: Parmesan Cheese - how do I store it???

Hi everyone!!

I like parmigiano so much that I haven't problem about its storage 'cause it finish very soon  big_smile
When I buy parmigiano in big pieces,I store it in looseish  wrapping in the fridge,the same if it's grated (it's the right term?! question ).Please,don't freeze it!! puke It loose smell and taste!

Here you can find a lot of recipes where the parmigiano is the main ingredient: … ?newlang=1

They are all in italian but I can try to give you some translation  wink

big_smile Here there is the English version:

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Re: Parmesan Cheese - how do I store it???


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Re: Parmesan Cheese - how do I store it???

Freezing alters the texture of most cheeses, so that is not a good option.

Cheese mainly deteriorates because of moulds. One way to prevent the growing of moulds is to take a way oxygen by vacuuming. NO2 and salt in the cheese prevent or slow down the growth of other micro-organisms. Another way to prevent the growing of mould is to plastify the cheese a few times. Both vacuumpacking and plastifying is a little bit difficult for most of us at home. So there is a third way... Moulds grow very good at roomtemperature. In the fridge however, moulds grow slow, while other micro-organisms that like the cold (like Pseudomonas) cannot grow because of some factors of the cheese itself (salt, NO2, low available moisture).
My advice, just cool it and leave the cheese as whole as possible (the less surface, the less space for the growing of moulds).

A note: Once there are moulds on the cheese, than please throw it in the bin or something. Some moulds produce toxins which you cannot see and  they go into the cheese. So just cutting away the moulds doesn't help!

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