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Re: Big help please!

JOFoodTube wrote:

Hi Sergio,

I work for Jamie's youtbube channel. We are currently looking to record some questions for the food team to answer for upcoming videos.
This is a great question and I am sure you will get some wonderful responces from the forum members but if you would like to ask Jamie's food team and possibly be featured on the channel add 'jamiefoodtube' to skype and we can record the question.



hi Charlie, sure why not. If you think that can be of help I'll be glad to. thumbsup

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Re: Big help please!

Ashen wrote:

Scrambled eggs are high in protein and need no chewing . Just make them over a low heat and constant stirring so they come out with a very small curd .

Did you have to have any teeth extracted for fitting the braces?  I would avoid spicy foods or gritty foods( things that have small hard pieces) if so.

Yes actually I got one removed. One on the side, that was completely out of the way...
I appreciate the advice, however I did add some tabasco to my fish pie yesterday. It went ok, but will keep it in mind, thanks Ashen thumbsup

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Re: Big help please!

How are you doing Sergio?  Hope you heal quickly and are not suffering!

cold soups like gazpacho and salmorego
pureed black bean soup
pureed yellow split peas (Greek style, which is used as a dip, maybe with some softened bread . . .) although I think this is a lot of labor to make .  . .

yogurt and milk with what you like - fruits, peanut butter .  . . if you need something cold.

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Re: Big help please!

Hi Sergio, how are things going, its a long slow process I know.  My daughter had hers fitted about 8 months ago, then had the wire change last month so it was back to the start for a few days.  I assume you have the brackets with wires round ??, if so be careful biting into things like apples or even a crusty roll, cut into pieces this helps.

As for food well  here are some of her fav

Smoked salmon tagliatelle
•    120g Philadelphia Light with Chives
•    400g dried tagliatelle - use the small pasta shapes like orzo
•    125g smoked salmon
•    Juice of quarter of a lemon
•    100ml semi-skimmed milk
•    Salt and pepper to taste
1.    Cook the tagliatelle in a large pan of boiling water for about 8 minutes or as directed on the pack.
2.    Cut the smoked salmon into small strips. 
3.    Drain the pasta and leave in colander. 
4.    Into the still warm pan add the milk, Philadelphia with Chives and lemon juice and stir to melt; add salt and pepper to taste.
5.    Add the pasta back to the pan into the Philadelphia mix and stir well until it’s all incorporated.  Fold the smoked salmon in gently.
6.    Finish with a grind of fresh black pepper.

Mixed Bean Chilli Soup

2 tbsp Oil
1 onion chopped
1 clove of garlic crushed
1 red pepper chopped
1 green pepper chopped
125g mushrooms sliced
1 chilli chopped
1tsp ground cumin
400g tin of mixed pulses drained
400g tin tomatoes
600ml passata
300ml vegetable stock
2 tbsp chopped coriander
dollop of Crème Fraiche

Soften Onion, garlic and peppers in oil add the mushrooms, chilli and spice cook gently

Add the pulses and tomatoes with the passata and stock stir well and simmer gently for 20 minutes.

Garnish with crème fraiche and chopped corriander


     olive oil
    1 onion, chopped
    3 mixed peppers, chopped
    2 tbsp garlic, crushed
    4 links chorizo sausage, chopped
    450g/1 lb chicken pieces,/ 450g/1 lb king prawns or crayfish
    2  chilli peppers, chopped
    500g/1 lb 1oz easy-cook American-style rice
    2 tbsp Cajun spices
   2 pints chicken stock or water
         mixed vegetables, such as carrots, peas, green beans, sprouts, courgettes, chopped (frozen vegetables will suffice)
         salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preparation method

   1.      Heat the olive oil in a large pan and add the onion, mixed peppers, garlic, chorizo and chicken pieces. Cook for about ten minutes.
   2.     Add the chilli peppers. rice and stir well. Spices and mix in so the rice is well coated with the flavours.
   3    Add the chicken stock or water and bring to a simmer.
   4    Add the mixed vegetables and bring to the boil then turn the heat down to a simmer until cooked.

There is all the normal like shepherds pie - try adding veg to the mash, swede carrots etc, beef stew with soft dumplings, eggs - poached, omlette etc.  poached fish in parsley sauce with mash and she can always manage peas !!!. 

When she is feeling very sorry for herself nothing helps more than a dish of Milk jelly or a mashed banana with honey.

Breakfast fav  is always porridge what ever the braces are doing !!.

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Re: Big help please!

thumbsup Jambalaya and healing yougarts (pref home made with organic base) what more could one wish for. yummy

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