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Re: How do you cook an Omelette ?

wine~o wrote:

folded twice surely...

I loved the episode of saturday kitchen where Raymond Blanc took his time over the omelette challenge (Took all of 1 minute and a bit) and then shaved a little truffle over it..

Raymond Blanc is a star and he made a pretty decent omelette as I remember .

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Re: How do you cook an Omelette ?

There's a hundred ways to make an omelet, it's all a matter of personal preference. 

No milk or water for me.  I like to pour my eggs into a the saucepan and stir gently until it begins to set.  The heat is very very low.  Then I leave it alone and place a lid on it so the top can cook a bit.  The omelet is ready when the bottom is set and the top is still glistening.  I roll it out of the pan into thirds so that it is a long thin tube on the plate.  The inside should be soft fluffy moist curds.  If there is a spec of brown on the outside I consider it a failure. 

But for my husband, he wants it folded in half, totally cooked through until dry and brown.  I don't understand how he'd like it like that but of course I indulge him because it is after all extremely easy to overcook and burn eggs so it's really no problem  tongue

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Re: How do you cook an Omelette ?

Hey all, sorry I'm a bit late offering this up - Jamie's got a great little omelette video from Ministry of Food here!

Really worth watching, I usually tend to do it like this myself.

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Re: How do you cook an Omelette ?

I do it in various ways, but mostly cause I like to add onions, capsicam, sprouts and other veggies I make a .... well, more like that korean style pancake, I think? but it still usually folds into 3 as it rolls out.

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