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Pasty Muncher

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Re: What's a good olive oil?

Don't be snobbish give Lidl Extra Virgin a go - half the price of poncy stuff

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Re: What's a good olive oil?

Hi I also store my opened bottles of evoo in the Fridge.  You just have to remember to take it out about 1/2 hour before use.  My poor husband went to use it one day and thought it was no good because it had solidified, and he almost threw it out. A quick screech from me saved the olive oil from the trash can.  I explained to him that it keeps it from going ransid.

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Ramon Farrugia

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Re: What's a good olive oil?

Hey , I'm from Malta in the centre of the mediterrean sea and here we get lots of great Italian & spanish Olive Oils amongst others. The best Italian are Pietro Coricelli, Bertolli, Paneolio amonst others & the best Spanish is Borges...By the way always use Extra Virgin Olive OIl...the one that has a dark green colour...Enjoy Jamie's recipes...

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Dave Barker

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Re: What's a good olive oil?

I still use Capezzana, have done for well over a year now... It is a beautiful fresh tasting oil, that is made at the Bonacossi estate in the Tuscan countryside.

Capezzana has a fresh aroma of apples, leaves, and grass. It has a strong and peppery taste with a buttery finish, it isn't cheap (I pay£18 for a bottle)... but it is one of the best oils that I ever used. I highly recommend it...

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