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Re: taleggio cheese

I just logged on after many months, looking for some of Minnie's recipes (which I didn't find btw).  I hardly recognized some of the Avatars!

Ashen, reading your "occupation" I was reminded of the old sailor's adage that "When the rum is gone, Port is left".

I'm tempted to jump back in, but I really don't have time for FB, Twitter, e-mail, work and this.  Anyway, it was fun to read a few of the forum posts of the last day or so. smile

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Re: taleggio cheese

Ashen wrote:

Allora Andiamo wrote:

i don't really like Taleggio


lol  lollol  lol
hah aha h ah a
I agree with Ashen in general.

I love taleggio! Omg the first time I tried it I was like, wt$ is that amazing taste??? Omg why Italians make so beautiful cheese.....

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