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Re: Woolworths will be your undoing

BFY, this issue is about a 40 cent levy on each crate of produce that Woolworth's imposed on farmers to pay for Jamie Oliver advertising over the 2.5 - 5% farmers already pay Woolworth's for advertising.  Woolworth's claims it was a voluntary levy.  More on the topic, see the links provided by Joy and Maree:
http://www.jamieoliver.com/forum/viewto … 63&p=3

According to the official response from the Jamie Oliver company, he's basically an employee of Woolworth's in this situation, it's their decision and not his.

Why were Australians not griping about the fact that Woolworth's had been charging farmers 2.5 - 5% for advertising?  This is basically the same thing, only they asked for the additional 40 cents  and claim it wasn't mandatory.  The media claims farmers were harassed and pressured.

eta: I can't find the link to the official Jamie Oliver company response, sorry, but it is on the forum somewhere in a post by Abby, I believe.

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