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#11 Wed 16 Jul 14 6:12pm


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Re: what do you cook at summer...

Miss GlutenFree wrote:

Ashen - can't believe you dislike cilantro/coriander. Funny how you either love it or hate it. Me, I LOVE it!

It is a genetic thing apparently. Some people are just hardwired not to like certain compounds that are found in cilantro.

http://gizmodo.com/5942551/genetic-proo … e-cilantro

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#12 Thu 17 Jul 14 4:04am

Miss GlutenFree

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Re: what do you cook at summer...

Wow, that is really quite intriguing. Mum mum can't stand the stuff so I use it sparingly when she has my Thai chicken curry. I love it so it's interesting that to some people it tastes like soap...

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#13 Thu 17 Jul 14 12:06pm


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Re: what do you cook at summer...

i love the smell of cilantro,better than parsley.used in my fave cuisines-asian and mediterrenean,arabian...

enjoying cooking easy and fast...
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#14 Wed 20 Aug 14 5:28pm


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Re: what do you cook at summer...

If you want a really good dish. Do a pesto sauce, CUT a little tomatous and a Canned tuna fish. Thai mix everything together. Cook the pasta and add with the mix. Than....eat

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#15 Wed 20 Aug 14 8:50pm


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Re: what do you cook at summer...

Lots of BBQ. Mostly ribs, steak and chicken. A lot of salads. I love a good cucumber salad with red onion and avocado.

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