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Successful event catering requires a unique set of skills and practical know-how. It doesn't matter whether an event is in a marquee, a house, a barn, on a lawn or up a mountain - our team has been doing this for years and they're phenomenal at delivering something entirely unique - Jamie's style of food for three different offers: hospitality, venue and public.

We're able to deliver this, and throw in a dash of theatre and humour for good measure. Whether it's offering plated, served meals of two to five courses for a sit-down function, fixed-term contracts in venues, at festivals or at banqueting halls, or serving food with a range of tableware including disposable, china or ceramic plates and crockery, we've got it covered! The service styles may change but it's the same great food, delivered by a team adept at being flexible towards the brief in question, finished to the highest standards.

We'll always be honest and realistic with you to make sure you get exactly what you want on the day, and we'll never compromise on the quality of food. We'll write a fantastic menu that's suited to the environment of the event, and tailor our service to fit the overall experience you want to create for your guests.

You might not know this, but as a kid Jamie spent most weekends working in his dad's pub, where he was first introduced to cooking and catering for the numerous events that were booked there. The Fabulous Feasts team has also been in the catering game for years. The melting pot of experience within this team means they're able to cater for a huge range of briefs, however intricate they might be...

Fabulous Feasts is able to cater for three main sectors within the event catering industry:

- Hospitality: we offer plated, served meals of two to five courses, lovingly created and delivered - by passionate staff who really know their stuff - to you and your guests.

- Public catering: we're able to use a range of disposable, china or ceramic tableware, and even tin plates and crockery, transferring the same great food created by Jamie and his team to events for the general public.

- Venue catering: we can deliver the same quality of fantastic food, but this time to fixed-term contracts in festival or banqueting halls, venues or places of work over a longer period of time.

Food should be something everyone can enjoy and it deserves to be presented beautifully. With that in mind, we have two styling options available, which we can adapt to suit your personal taste: genteel and classic, or colourful and quirky.

No matter what type of event you're hosting, we want to create an environment that complements the style of food. It's got to be warm, approachable, creative, and with a touch of vintage about it - Jamie's love of collecting beautiful old serving boards and platters is definitely evident in the environments we create at every one of our events.

Displaying food in a unique way is something we excel at. If outdoors, we like to bring the kitchen to the fore so guests can see the hive of cooking activity, inhale the gorgeous smells and feel more involved with the food the chefs are preparing. We love bringing a touch of lost Britain to the kitchen: imagine fresh produce overflowing from apple crates, enamel plates, a pair of scales from an antique store, vintage crockery or carefully thought out tableware...

But there's no fun in giving too much away now - you'll just have to see for yourself!

Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts prides itself on having consistently high standards. Our menus are designed to make you, our customer, look good. We're here to wave your flag and make sure your event goes off with a bang; we're just as happy to stand out, as we are to blend in - it's up to you.

We'll help your guests enjoy a real experience, pitched as an extension to the event - be it a birthday, a sporting event or a corporate launch party.

We are fussy about the team we shape around your event and we make sure our people are as passionate about delivering incredible customer service as they are about food.

As well as creating a great menu, our team are also here to bring buckets full of enthusiasm to your event. The training each that each person undertakes ensures they are really knowledgeable about the food they are serving. This ensures they can go out there, interact with your guests and encourage them to engage with the menu so that the food becomes an experience in itself.

UK 01295 254556 or feel free to email us.

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