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Re: ISO: Risotto finished in the oven

Dave and Geoff, I found the recipe among my printed out files!

It is listed in the Rec Forum under "REC: baked risotto ..."

Try it. It is good, though, Geoff, you may have reservations. I have "tarted" up the original recipe (adding the prawns, celery and garlic). You may like a squeeze or so of lemon juice. It can be used as the basis of many similar recipes. Just be wary of the fluid to rice ratio.

Dave, thanks again for your recipe. I guess this is "central" Italy ( a mix of nth and sth). Try it (on staff dinner or the family, dare I say it?).

It is now just before 11pm (Thurs) and I have been working since 7am yesterday. Orders are huge but it is also time for the Autumn Growers' and Farmers' markets. Busy time when one *is* the business, CEO, publicist, recipe creator, purchaser, cook, accountant, packer, dispatcher etc etc.

Tried to get a few hrs of sleep earlier. Figured it was a waste of time as it would put tonight's sleep out of whack.

Have a lovely 2 days off and enjoy your daughter's birthday. Don't make the same mistakes I made when my kids were little - crudites, dips, micro-made pizza. Ended up making an emergency trip to the local convenience store for sausage rolls and "party pies". My kids threatened not to speak to me again (not a bad idea, come to think of it *joking*) due to the embarrassment caused by me. JO would have been proud of me 15-20 yrs ago. Guess in a "micro-world" I was trying to do what he did on a very small level. My kids lived on that (healthy) food with chicken kebabs (skewers removed) but didn't want their friends to know. "Uncool".

Have fun!

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