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#11 Wed 27 Aug 08 7:29pm


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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

My boys love fresh rice and kidney bean salad. It's wholesome, full of flavour and so easy to make. Get a can of ready-boiled kidney beans. Drain and wash and put aside. Cook some wild or brown rice. No fuss, just boil them with a pinch of salt and a bay leaf. When done, drain, run some cold water on them and put aside. Finely chop cucumber, tomatoes and any other salad veg you have in the fridge and also some herbs. I do mine with mint and coriander.
Now comes the fun part that the kids can do with you...mix the rice, beans and chopped veg together. Squeeze lemon juice on the salad followed by a good glug of extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. To make it more interesting, I add a bit of garlic- or chilli-flavoured olive oil or (this is our family special) dry roast some cumin and crush it to a fine powder and add to the salad. You can also add pine nuts and olives to this for a grown up version.

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#12 Wed 27 Aug 08 11:43pm


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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

Hi All
I have to very active girls both at school. And one of their favourite things to have for school lunch is Jamie's recipe 'Jool's favourite Saturday afternoon pasta' cold packed in a plastic tub. they would eat it every day if they could. And for one of the girls who loves olives I roughly chop up black olives to toss in the pasta. YUMMO. thumbsup

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#13 Thu 28 Aug 08 9:05am


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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

A favourite after school snack is a very quick & easy hommous (food processor  thumbsup ) with lebanese bread cut into "chips" and baked until crisp. Plus some carot sticks etc as well.

For school lunches:

I sometimes roast a dozen or so chicken drumsticks that are first marinated with herbs, olive oil, salt & pepper. Bake on racks over trays. Once cool, I wrap them & freeze individually for lunch boxes.

Once every 2 weeks I make 14 wraps from 7 large peices of lebanese bread.. included is chicken, ham or silverside, grated cheese, pickles, relish, cranberry sauce, chutney etc. Anything that freezes & travels well.

Tabouleh is Nakita's favourite and I can make enough to last 4 days in small plastic containers, kept in the fridge, this travels well if you can keep it cool.

This week Nakita made little cheese tarts (all by herself) by mixing an egg with grated tasty mature cheddar cheese, S&P, and lining patty pan trays with rounds of frozen puff pastry. Once cooled these are happy in the fridge & are going to school 2 at a time in foil.

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#14 Fri 29 Aug 08 7:07am

s.nuke ernawati

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

Hi Jamie,

I have a nice and a nephew. Usually my sister rather confused to provide lunch meal box everyday, but here's the simpliest recipe which its my nice&nephew fav,
Easy Sandwich:
a slice a bread/toast,
corned beef,
an egg,
tomato and pickel.

-mixed corned beef with an eeg, the put it on the top of bread/toast,
baked in oven about 10 minutes, then give some mayonnaise, tomato n pickel,
on it's top.  wink

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#15 Fri 29 Aug 08 3:41pm


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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

That's a good idea about the cheese tarts frizz! I have seen the mini tart shells you can buy that's already prepared for you... so all we can do is add the filling. I think he would like to do that, especially pouring and cracking the eggs shells! I think Iam going to use the chicken idea too, lol!

Another idea I have picked here is making calzones. I also saw how to make them in an Italian cookbook I picked up a few months ago.

Now I have to start thinking thermos idea's! Hot chocolate/pasta/fruit salad/mini meatballs/soups... any other idea's mom's and dad's?

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#16 Fri 29 Aug 08 11:00pm


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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

Well, i am a kid and about to move to a new school in perth, and (quoting my brother) "the food ther's neh bad". At home, i can't get enough of pasta, and (yet again, quoting my brother) that's always on offer there. so its going to be pasta palace for me. Glenalmond does master chef compititions as well, so that should be fun.     
                                                                       Hasta lasagna  cool

p.s: sorry for not being online for about 3 months. Been on holiday in Normandy, France (where i ate more bread than you can shake a stick at!!!)

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#17 Sat 30 Aug 08 12:05am


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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

Mini 'pizza' flavored quiches (using tomatoes, your favorite pizza cheeses, herbs)
hummus, pita bread and a garden salad topped with chopped red bell pepper
sliced baguette with proscuitto, side salad
(these are favorites of my niece for packed lunches)

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#18 Sat 30 Aug 08 2:30am


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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

Bcrain... we buy ready rolled puff pastry from the freezer section, usually 6 sheets to a packet, approx 30X30cm.

Then we just used a drinking glass to stamp out circles of pastry to line the patty pan trays...

Whisk 2 eggs, add a dash of thick cream & 2 big handfuls grated tasty cheddar.
You could add snipped chives or chopped parsley. (My kids love to chop the herbs using a little pair of scissors)
Pepper & a little salt.

Put a big spoonful into each pastry circle in the tray & bake 12-15 minutes, at 200 degrees C.

Once cool they kept well in a plastic container in the fridge for 5 days... we made then Sunday & she ate the last of them for recess yesterday (friday)

These actually come from Nakita's cookbook she received for her birthday this year.. the recipe is actually for jam tarts (just fill pastry with jam of choice) with the egg & cheese tarts as an option.

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#19 Sat 30 Aug 08 4:32am


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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

hello everyone! first of all, id like to say im a huge fan of jamie and i think he is absolutely brilliant.

when i was little, my parents used to tell me that calamari were onion rings  smile
thats just my little input, thanks for reading!  big_smile

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#20 Sat 30 Aug 08 3:13pm


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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

this might sound mad, as a kind of breakfast, but in the winter my mum used to give me zabaglione as breakfast, and it was delicious to eat and gave a great kick into the morning. Egg yolk, sugar, coffee, marsala, these were the engridients.  She would beat the egg yolk an sugar to a cream and then add a little coffee and a little marsala.  YYuumm, i miss it! big_smile

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