St David’s Day means a lot to the Welsh, so why not join them and whip up a cracking supper on Friday?


For starters – watch Georgie make the perfect Chicken soup:


Cook – what else but a lovely lamb recipe – see if you can get hold of one of the really good Welsh hill-bred meat, super-tender and juicy:
Drink – finish it off with a slurp of this refreshing cooler; lovely with or without the booze:

Jim Tanfield

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I'm Jamie's Website Editor and as well as overseeing my brilliantly creative team I am always looking at ways to eat more great food because I'm always hungry and a little bit greedy. Desert island ingredient: Chillies Favourite dish: Anything Mexican...or French...Japanese...don't make me choose! Favourite Non-Jamie Restaurant: Cinnamon Club

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    yummy, I’ll try it

  • Olivenholzliebhaber

    mhmmmmmmmmmm, I’ll try it too

  • Σ²

    I have a pork leg and I’m sure that it will also taste lovely with a few adjustments ;)

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    Hi Jamie my name is nhloniphko I have a pertion 4 food how can I join your school I am in south africa