Jamie Oliver
Harvest time in Essex by Jamie
Ahh happy Sundays guys my 11 year old Daisy is making Rainbow Looms whist watching the Great British Bake Off and she's as happy as Larry !! One kid happy 3 more to go haha by Jamie
I Love this pic!! I was cooking a Giant Pie yesterday for @jamiemagazine and a Feral Child jumped on my back and gave me a wack !! Always nice working from home and thanks for the picture @davidloftus by Jamie
Look what has grown in my back garden in Essex !! Cucamelons these are big crowd pleasers let me tell you about them ( I may bore you !!) these are Mexican Sour Gherkins.Looking like little watermelons The Mexican Sour Gherkin is an heirloom variety native to Mexico and Central America, where it’s known as sandita (little watermelon). The fruit is bright and tangy on the tongue, like cucumber with a twist of lime. Mexican Sour Gherkins have been around since pre-Columbian times, but were not brought into botanical classification until the mid-1800s. Despite being a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, they’re only distantly related to the cucumber and will not cross with other cucumber varieties. They’re also the most cold-tolerant of all cukes, and will continue to fruit until the first frost so I’m hoping to sow a second crop for winter harvesting Growing from teeny tiny blossoms, they never get more than an inch or so long there Cute, crunchy, perfect for pickling so that's the end of this weeks gardening story happy days love #jamieoliver by Jamie
Cowboy Summer Fruit Pie inspired by memories of Wyoming USA v yummy I did a few different apples wild blackberries and raspberries and vanilla what's your favourite pie filling ????? big love guys #jamieoliver have a wicked weekend people x x x x by Jamie
Hi guys So I Just picked these amazing zucchini flowers / courgette flowers....And I'm gonna send them as a gift to @lowejames At restaurant @lyleslondon....he cooked with me this week for a day and it was his first day off in 5 months !! so thank you chef !! But seriously this guys is cooking some of the most loverly food in London right now and a young super talented chef to watch!! Take a look at his insta feeds Anyway have a great day guys I'm cooking an apple and raspberry pie now picture to follow for sure yum!! Love #jamieoliver by Jamie
When the ships come in at Hastings by Jamie
Guys @jamiemagazine has some gorgeous recipes in this issue to get you cooking outdoors! From campfire-smoked trout to peach and rosemary camping cake great recipes for an epic outdoor feast x by Jamie
A nice little Fish dish here made by @nathanoutlaw today.... Its delicately sliced then lightly cured with salt , suger and dressed with pea's and mint and a delicious horseradish cream .... Boy it was good if you like your fish follow @nathanoutlaw for some nice fishy pics .... Nice one guys #jamieoliver by Jamie
Look at this Plaice Fresh off the Boat in Hastings so good you just need to roast it whole with a little butter, salt and pepper delish big love #jamieoliver by Jamie
Ok guys YES I got hit up yesterday with x3!!!!#icebucketchallange for ALS courtesy of @kevin creator of Instagram @adriangrenier @cookwithamber so here you go I tried a bit harder as I got voted x3 times in 24 hours so I hope you appreciate my freeeeeeeezing effort !! I NOMINATE OUR VERY OWN @harleyplays from EpicMealTimes @rustyrocketsbrand and @Princeharry_windsor I know that's not the real #princeharry but anyone that really knows him please pass on the message ..... And yes I will donate generously in the morning to www.ALSA.org this is a really important charity that really needs our support!! So sweet dreams guys, a longer version on FoodTube tomorrow #flashdance #ballsdisappeared #goflu #jamieoliver by Jamie
Guys brilliant #vegan corn burger recipe for you all today. packed with spices, herbs and a hit of lemon zest! This recipe and a whole load more new vegan recipes over on the website JO x #mealforameal by Jamie
Cocktail Friday guys! Have a go at this simple but stunning cocktail martini royale, a mix of vermouth with prosecco. Video and recipe over on @drinkstube now. Have a great weekend JO x by Jamie
Guys I'm telling you all about my champion chickens in the new issue of @jamiemagazine! Creating the best bird on the planet and giving you some amazing recipes to utilise the whole bird!! Check it out JO x by Jamie
guys I have just added a whole bunch of gorgeous new recipes to jamieoliver.com for you loverly lot who are vegan, dairy-free, vegetarian and gluten free! No compromise on flavour and no corners cut, you are gonna LOVE these. Big love Jamie x #vegan #dairyfree #veggie #glutenfree by Jamie
Just having fun hanging out with a few super hero's ! Good times #jamieoliver by Jamie
Afternoon guys #recipeoftheday is a gorgeous dairy-free coconut cheesecake. beautiful nutty base, sweet coconut and vanilla topping with strawberry drizzle! Its the first of loads of new #dairyfree #glutenfree and #vegan recipes being added to JamieOliver.com this week. check out the website for the recipe www.jamieoliver.com Enjoy guys JO x #mealforameal by Jamie
Thanks to Martin and all the loverly team a Andina Restaurant, me and my Food team had a fantastic time delish food and service ! Cheers #jamieoliver xx by Jamie
Guys the new issue of @jamiemagazine is out TODAY. Its a summer extravaganza with amazing homemade ice cream recipes, campfire cooking ideas, festival favourites from the brilliant chefs at @bigfeastival this year ANNND a free cocktail guide!! loads to get you through this summer. enjoy guys Jamie x by Jamie
This is @leonardday he's a director producer of my FoodTube channel I don't wanna seem old fashioned but this outfit is hurting my head SHOULD I PROMOTE HIM??? FIRE HIM ??? Or DRESS LIKE HIM??? Please respond below while I take a Nurofen love hope and respect #jamieoliver xxx by Jamie
Morning guys Im So proud of my Fifteen students that are gonna graduate this year !! Most have already got jobs before leaving us in some of London's best restaurants & this year seems to have just flown by but there's a nice atmosphere of something special the air that I can't put my finger on. Thanks to all my team that take care and mentor these young people thanks to my head chef @jonrotheram and if you haven't been to Fifteen recently Jons cooking is just fantastic & the menus change every day and most of the veg is from my own garden right now !! You can book on 02033751515 big love #jamieoliver xxxxxx by Jamie
Thats it guys #CocktailRequest week is all done! It's been an epic week with the team shaking and muddling up over 25 brand new awesome cocktails. THANK YOU from me and @drinkstube gang for all your requests! Have a watch of all the videos over on www.youtube.com/drinkstube and let me know which ones you are loving! Big Love Jamie by Jamie
Some loverly treats from my garden .......the herb is Myrtle if you were wondering ( you probably weren't ) it's nice with pork and game quite a nice aroma by Jamie
Sun Set in Essex hope you guys have a great weekend Jamiex by Jamie
Loverly people check out my guide to Essex in the 50th issue of @jamiemagazine it's got loads of my hidden gems from my corner of essex that I absolutely love from the most amazing fresh seafood to my favourite pubs!! Jamie x #jamiemag50 by Jamie