To celebrate the Scottish poet Robert Burns birthday, we have put together some recipes for your Burns Night dinner this Friday.

Traditionally Scots eat Haggis, Neeps (mashed swede) and Tatties (buttery mashed potatoes) on the night, but of course Jamie has created his own twist on this classic – Easy Essex Haggis.

It still uses those beautiful bits of offal associated with a traditional haggis, as well as the essential pinhead oats, but Jamie’s is in the form of a Shepherd’s Pie – completely delicious and using all the bits a decent butcher will give you at a snip.

There’s also a traditional haggis recipe on its way for the purists.

So Scottish or not, why not host your very own Burns Night celebration and enjoy some of Jamie’s recipes. We have a lovely fruity Cranachan Sundae, Scottish Scallops, venison from the Highlands, mussels with a whisky cream as well as the haggis.

And of course, it would not be complete without a wee dram o’ the good stuff – cheers.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/goose.chef Goose Chef

    Quality, I am back in with the haggis, it scared me as a child, like black pudding. It was a taste sensation, to have it yesterday after many years of avoiding it. It will now be a regular on my menu.