cheese toasty sandwich recipe by jamie

Some might think there’s not much to a sandwich recipe – but in fact every detail makes a difference. Do you go for brown or white bread? How thick are the slices? Which sauce do you choose? Cut into triangles or squares? It all adds up to the perfect sandwich!

We’re pitching the big boys of the sandwich world against each other in a battle to be crowned best sandwich recipe. Which will you pick: the classic bacon butty or a cheese toastie?


Jamie and his mate Pete take up the challenge: whose bacon sandwich will win? Jamie goes for smoked back bacon while Pete opts for streaky. Jamie keeps it simple with brown sauce, while Pete goes for a killer combo of ketchup, mustard and chilli sauce. Fancy!


You may think you know how to make a cheese toastie – but this little number takes it to a whole new level. Jamie uses classic sliced white bread and a real good helping of grated Cheddar. Jamie’s clever twist on this classic sandwich recipe is to give your cheese toastie a crown! Check it out:

So while one sandwich recipe already has its own crown, we’ll let you decide which one takes the trophy…!


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