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We’ve got loads of tasty plant-based recipes for you. Take a look at this selection of our best vegan recipes to keep you inspired all year round.

If you thought that a vegan diet meant turning your back on this Italian classic, then think again! This beautiful dish is a real labour of love, but totally worth it– think homemade pasta, oozy cheese, creamy Béchamel and a rich meat-free ragù. Truly, this is one of the best vegan dishes.


Yep, you read that right – vegan cinnamon buns! Made with almond milk and ground flaxseed, the spiced fudgy filling is a mix of pecan nuts, bananas, medjool dates and ground cinnamon. Genius.


Whether you’re a hardcore vegan or just enjoying a meat-free meal, this burger is one of the best vegan recipes you can make. The patties are super-simple, and I’ve teamed them with spiced mayo and onion rings to create an absolute treat of a burger. Enjoy!

This pie uses a mix of sweet potatoes and Maris Pipers for the mash, which really bumps up the veggie credentials. Vegan red wine and mixed fresh herbs give this dish such a rich flavour, it’s definitely one of our best vegan recipes.


Creamy, carby and comforting, this vegan mac ‘n’ cheese recipe is just the thing when you need some plant-based comfort food. Nutritional yeast flakes give the sauce that lovely cheesy flavour, while fresh breadcrumbs and thyme lend a crunchy, herby crust.

Just a handful of ingredients is all it takes to rustle up the most beautiful vegetable curry. All you need is a good, firm aubergine, super-ripe tomatoes, crunchy pistachios, curry paste and some fresh coriander. It’s delicious on its own, with rice, or poppadoms. What a dish!


This butternut squash soup is spicy, warming and wholesome. Coconut milk makes it feel indulgently creamy, while basmati rice bulks it up and lemongrass, chillies and ginger add some zing. It’s one of the best vegan recipes to make for a crowd.


Be brave with the lime juice and chilli in this Mexican salad – your taste buds will thank you for it! This is a cracking slaw that can be a great accompaniment, or served up with some marinated and grilled tofu (or halloumi or chicken thighs, if you’re not vegan) to  make a satisfying veg-packed meal.


This beautiful cauliflower dhal is just the ultimate comfort food. Serve it soup-style in a bowl by itself, or team with steamed basmati rice, poppadoms and some zingy pickles and chutneys for a real feast.