Having a list of simple, nutritious recipes to rely on is so important when you’re not feeling well. These recipes use basic ingredients and can all be made in under half an hour or with minimal hands-on time, leaving you to concentrate on resting up.

A simple breakfast option to get you out of bed in the morning. Get creative with your toppings, try sliced banana, chopped nuts or frozen berries if you can’t get fresh.


Simple scrambled eggs make a tasty breakfast for the whole family – serve with some wholemeal toast, cooked mushrooms and a small glass of juice for a perfectly balanced meal that’s ready in no time.


Make the most of store-cupboard and freezer staples in this quick and easy pasta dish. You can adapt this recipe and add anything you like – why not try fresh spinach or watercress instead of peas and swap out the pine nuts for pumpkin or sunflower seeds?


This delicious prawn soup is easy to make and full of flavour! It uses just five ingredients and only takes 20 minutes to throw together – perfect when you need warming up fast.


Use any frozen veg, such as peas, sweetcorn or broccoli, for this super-green noodle dish. If you don’t have miso, swap it for some diluted stock – and you can use whatever noodles or pasta you have to hand. Food for the soul.


Serve this simple omelette with wholemeal bread to make it the ideal filling meal for any time of the day. Leave out the basil if you haven’t got any, or throw in any herbs you fancy.


Frozen broccoli is a great substitute for the fresh stuff in this delicious soup recipe. Try dried mint if you can’t find fresh, and feta instead of ricotta, or leave the cheese out altogether. Enjoy with some wholemeal bread for a lovely lunch.


Combine some store-cupboard favourites and long-lasting veg in this hearty soup. You can use dried sage if you can’t get hold of fresh herbs and swap the parsnips for carrots, swede or even squash if that’s what you’ve got. So good!