savoury pancake with plantain, sweetcorn and bacon

Try something a little different this Pancake Day – ditch the French crêpes and give our favourite savoury versions from around the world a go.

Whether it’s a fluffy American-style number or an Indian dosa, savoury pancakes all follow the same easy rule: mix flour with liquid, ladle into a pan and fry until golden. It’s up to you how to fill them for a Pancake Day feast!

Pancake Day often seems like it’s all about the sweet, but we’ve got your savoury options covered. Read on for some flippin’ good inspo…

Smoked salmon and crème fraîche is a classic combo. Wrapped up in a pancake, it’s even better. These little numbers are great for piling up on a big board if you’ve got guests coming round, plus they can be made in advance and kept in the fridge until the last minute if you’re having a Pancake Day party. Serve with a tasty vinaigrette dip, mustard mayo or horseradish sauce.

An Asian take on pancakes, this Chinese dish never fails to please. Roast the duck until crisp and succulent, then shred and wedge it in a pancake with a dollop of homemade plum sauce and lots of fresh spring onions and cucumber. Pancake Day heaven!

Feta cheese and corn pancakes, served with avocado, streaky bacon and coriander for a real Mexican vibe – these are a seriously delicious treat. Follow the one-cup rule and they’ll take no time at all.

Whisked up with a hit of sliced chilli, grated Parmesan and rosemary, these bright and healthy squash pancakes are an epic concoction of flavour. Plus, they save on food waste.

Made with chickpea flour and mustard seeds, these crisp pancakes are an incredible combination of flavour and texture when wrapped around spiced roasted veg. Simple, tasty and delicious served up with a minty yoghurt dip.

Pancake Day doesn’t have to be super-indulger – saintly and super satisfying, these pancakes are made with cottage cheese for even lighter and fluffier results. Topped with caramelised banana and crisp bacon, you won’t even notice how healthy you’re being.

And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, we’ve got loads of fun ideas for you too. Check out our gallery for even more Pancake Day inspiration. Enjoy!


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