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Re: When collecting rainwater becomes a problem

MsPablo wrote:

She'll have to convert those rain buckets to quinine storage!

Hey baby, you have the answer, if you bung the quinnine in there you kill the bugs, make Tonic Water, & we can bring the bathtub Gin & it's party-central!!!

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Re: When collecting rainwater becomes a problem

maybe the tonic you drink doesn't. :P~~ … DC2872.jpg

I might even have to spring for some fever tree tonic, if the mozzies get too bad.  I thiknk it has even more.

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Re: When collecting rainwater becomes a problem

If you are at your wits end regarding the Mozzies get one of those squirter type bottles, you know, like your cleaning stuff comes in, (Spray & Wipe) you can pour some clear baby oil into it and using the 'stream' setting in the nozzle squirt the contents into each vessel, This places a oil film on the surface of the stored water which stops the Lave breathing and results in their erradication allbeit for a while, The amount of oil is so small that it poses no threat to plants watered, and I wont tell if you dont. Jayar.

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Re: When collecting rainwater becomes a problem

I was going to suggest the same thing oil on the water to suffocate the mosquitos. Soap bubbles do the same thing but leave more residue on the plants.

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Re: When collecting rainwater becomes a problem

She's putting a mosquito dunk in one container, not in the others.  Not a practical person.

I like the oil idea!  Thanks!

We've had several deaths in the area due to West Nile Disease this summer.

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Re: When collecting rainwater becomes a problem

MesquitoDunks... apparently safe to use in Horse water troughs and animal water bowls. … B0002568YA

They only last for 30 days though. Why not just cover them with mesquito netting so the mesquitos can't get to the water to lay their eggs . That will last much longer  wink

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