When the kitchen’s crazy, the kids are running around and the guests’ glasses are empty, the last thing you need is to realise that you’ve lost your big roasting dish, or run out of wine glasses. But these classic Christmas crises are easy to avoid. Here’s a list of all the Jamie Oliver kit that we’ll be using this Christmas to make things easier, and hopefully they’ll keep you from coming a cropper too.

Carving knife
Carving the turkey may only take five minutes, but it’s a vital part of Christmas day and probably the Dad’s favorite part, and it will take a lot longer if your knife isn’t up to scratch! This carving knife from Jme is razor sharp, nicely weighted and beautiful to look at.

Speed peeler
Ah the humble speed peeler – so simple, so beautiful. No kitchen should be without one. It will make the Christmas dinner prep pass in a flash, so you can spend more time with the family. It almost makes peeling fun, although not as fun as watching someone else doing it with while you have a glass of fizz.

This is one of Jamie’s favorite new things. Basically it’s a hot pan that stirs your food for you! All you have to do it add ingredients at the right time, then go off and do your own thing until it’s ready. It’s brilliant for breakfasts, soups, risottos, curries and stews! Each Homecooker comes with a gorgeous cookbook full of Jamie recipes to get you started too. So if you want more time to celebrate Christmas with friends, this is the perfect gadget!

A good, solid roasting tray
A really common mistake is getting the wrong sized roasting tray for their turkey. Most of the time it’s too small for the bird, so make sure you get a big, deep-pan one like this from Jme. Sometimes though, people buy a turkey or tray too big for their oven, so make sure everything fits long before the day!

Philip’s tools
You may have seen Jamie using them in his 15-Minute Meals program this winter. Jamie wanted a set of kitchen tools that were beautiful, powerful and really simple to use, and he came up with these: the blender, food processor, steamer and hand blender. They’re all built to last and get the job done, so they won’t let you down when things get hot in the kitchen at Christmas.

Fifteen “Which herb” apron
Cooking with fresh herbs can transform your cooking, and this apron shows you how. Not only will it stop you getting gravy all over your Christmas jumper, it will help you identify herbs and find the best flavor combos. All that, plus the profits go towards the teaching disadvantaged young people to cook professionally, giving them a new start through food.

Wood-fired oven
If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then Boxing Day breakfast might just be the most important of the year. We’re all groggy, tired and a little worse for wear, and there’s nothing like a hearty breakfast such as this one to perk us up. You could do it in a normal oven but, with the smoky flavors from a wood-fire oven like the dome60, it will taste even better, and getting outside in the fresh, cold air will knock that hangover right out.

The only thing worse than finding your guests have empty glasses at a Christmas party is finding they don’t have any glasses to drink from at all! Jme has some gorgeous glassware for parties, as well as carafes and even a retro drinks dispenser for cocktails and mocktails.

Dual Cook
OK, so an impulse buy this isn’t, but the Dual Cook oven’s been tried, tested and loved by Jamie, as well as most of us in the office. The fact that you bake a cake and steam a fish at the same time in the same oven is just mind-boggling. Bringing it back to Christmas, you can gently roast your pigs in blankets at one temperature, while blasting your spuds on full whack. Genius.