Image of vegan chocolate pot

Skip the shop-bought treats this year and make your own dairy-free chocolate pud or bake for Easter Sunday.

Our collection of stunning vegan chocolate Easter recipes includes dreamy desserts, pretty gifts and a gorgeous bake to share.

Vegan brownies

Image of a tray of vegan brownies

Gooey, nutty and seriously chocolaty, these vegan brownies are a total joy to eat. Serve at the end of Easter lunch, or parcel up a batch and give to friends and family.

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Epic vegan chocolate cake

Image of vegan chocolate cake on a cake stand

Chocolate cake is a hit with everyone, so whether you’re vegan, or can’t eat gluten or dairy – or you just love a good cake – this one’s for you.

Vegan chocolate tart with rhubarb

Image of a slice of vegan chocolate tart with rhubarb in a bowl

This deliciously decadent tart is beautifully offset by tangy rhubarb. A fantastic seasonal recipe to serve on Easter Sunday.

Vegan chocolate pots

Ready in just 10 minutes, this mousse is made with tofu and dairy-free choc. The little pots are rich, silky smooth and have a sneaky hit of chilli.

Dairy-free truffles

Image of a tray of vegan chocolate truffles

Truffles make the perfect edible gift for family and friends – add a pinch of chilli to spice things up, or finely grate in some orange zest for fresh, citrusy zing!

Dairy-free chocolate mousse

Image of pots of vegan chocolate mousse

Rustle up this smooth, creamy mousse in minutes, then whack it in the fridge ready to serve as a dinner-party dessert. Easy.

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