Jamie has come top of a poll asking UK's home chefs whose cooking style they can most relate to.

One-in-four home cooks believe making quick and tasty food is their priority and pointed to Jamie as their inspiration.

This news comes from cooking ingredients specialist Very Lazy whose survey also showed that almost half share Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals mentality, usually cooking using one or two shortcuts.

The Very Lazy Cooking Census surveyed people about their cooking habits and kitchen know-how. It found that while we’re a nation of confident cooks with more than three quarters (78%) of us saying we’re very or fairly confident in our cooking ability, a lot of us aren’t too clued up on our cuisine.

Almost a quarter of men don’t have a clue what root ginger looks like, with a total of 3% mistaking it for either an artichoke, truffle or even garlic!

Top 10 national results
1. More than three quarters (78%) of the UK says it is very confident or fairly confident in its cooking ability.
2. 42% of us love making new dishes but almost 8 million of us don’t have the time to try out new recipes.
3. Almost 4 million people in the UK usually buy ready-made meals.
4. The majority of us (47%) use a shortcut or two when cooking.
5. A quarter of the UK says its cooking style resembles Jamie Oliver – quick and tasty food.
6. 27% of us avoid hosting dinner parties as it’s too stressful and 38% don’t do it very often as it’s too much work, time and money.
7. 17% of the UK doesn’t know what root ginger looks like.
8. Around a third of the UK (35%) cooks every day of the week.
9. Only 28% of us do a weekly shop and know what we’re making most nights.
10. Over 19 million (3) people in the UK think there are mushrooms in a traditional Bolognese sauce – only 7% of people could correctly identify three of the ingredients.