Whether you want to grow lovely salad leaves or big-flavoured herbs we have put together the first of a series of master-classes featuring Jekka McVicar.

Jekka has worked with Jamie since Naked Chef days, she also teaches his Fifteen apprentices all about cooking with herbs. She runs a herb nursery and school in the West Country and there is nothing she doesn’t know about herbs.

In the first of our series Jekka shows how to sow seeds properly. She passes on tips on how to make sure your plants are as sturdy as possible to give them the best start, watering techniques, compost differences and pots. This skill can help you save money, is really rewarding and of course will help you create ingredients to make your cooking even better.

Look out for further videos in the coming months to help you through the growing process.


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  • Julie Karanfilis

    Here is what we are growing Jamie!

  • Marialuisa

    I´m growing peas, lettuces, garlic and strawberries…ah, of course and parsley

  • Marialuisa

    I can´t download my pictures in here

  • Susan

    Awesome!! Thanks so much for the tips :)

  • Takekawa

    Jamie that’s cool, I hard to sow the seed but you make it simple. I love to following your way.

  • Franca Pip Pauli

    With 5 Euro of seeds, I will plant a garden for the six people in my family. Here are a few pics of what I’ve sowed so far. Ciao!

  • Nathalie Makker-Stoet

    The kids are so proud! Every day looking if the plants need some water etc. Great to teach them about food! (I can not download pics either here).

  • Claire Mummery

    Grown some great veg this summer on Waiheke Island

  • Claire Mummery

    Tried uploading photos, sorry didnt seem to work

  • Pol Bishop

    Hi, Jamie. I like your post and I hope you write more about gardening, so I can get some great ideas about my articles. :) You can check out my blog and share some thought on it, how can I improve it or else?

  • Guest

    this is the result of planting straight from a spice packet of panch poran and coriander xx

  • guest

    Thanks for the video, but what is going on with the subtitles? They are nonsense. Best to get rid of them as slightly offensive to Jekka i would have thought?

  • Julie West

    Sounds like I can do this. I have been a failure so far! Off I go to buy MORE seeds with my renewed enthusiasm

  • Andrey Voronin

    Hi! I am not native English speaker, could someone explain please, what is that white thing at 5:17 in video?