Purple sprouting broccoli recipes - crispy duck with broccoli

With tender stalks, wild-looking florets and a deep green-purple colour, purple sprouting broccoli is a proper seasonal treat. And it’s so versatile – our favourite purple sprouting broccoli recipes range from curries and stir-fries, to warm salads, indulgent pizzas and beyond!

Purple sprouting broccoli cooks quicker than standard broccoli thanks to its leaner stalks and delicate florets. To prepare, simply trim the tough ends off before roasting, steaming, charring or boiling until tender – just be mindful not to overcook the florets as they need less time than the stalks (we like to split any particularly thick stalks down the middle). Whether you’re looking for speedy lunches, delicious dinners or fail-safe recipes the whole family will love, our collection of purple sprouting broccoli recipes is a great place to start.

As purple sprouting broccoli recipes go, this one from Jamie’s cookbook 5 Ingredients Mediterranean is definitely up there. Charred broccoli pairs beautifully with perfectly cooked duck, pops of fresh orange and creamy white beans – a dreamy dinner for two. 

Hero purple sprouting broccoli in this sumptuous warm salad. With a tahini dressing and toasted hazelnuts, this is a fantastic vegetarian lunch (if you want to make this vegan, simply swap the honey for maple syrup). For a super-satisfying dinner, pair it with steamed fish, roasted chicken thighs or wedges of roasted butternut squash. 

Make the most of seasonal favourite purple sprouting broccoli in this vegetarian take on a Thai favourite. We’re talking crispy fried eggs, chilli and the punchiest tamarind sauce topped with crushed peanuts – what’s not to love? 

With sesame-spiked purple sprouting broccoli, glazed hoisin pork and peanuts, this lip-smacking stir-fry makes a great midweek meal. This recipe is super-flexible, so it’s great for using up whatever veg you’ve already got in the fridge. 

Roasted purple sprouting broccoli works a treat in this fun twist on family favourite chicken Kyiv. If you want to really big up the broccoli here, use it in place of the frozen peas in the mash – you’ll just need to roughly chop it before boiling it alongside the potatoes for the last couple of minutes. 

Want to get a delicious dinner on the table in under 30 minutes? This speedy steak stir-fry packs a real flavour punch, but is super-easy to put together. Tender purple sprouting broccoli is stir-fried, then dressed in soy sauce and sesame oil, before being topped with fresh chilli and fresh lime juice – so good. 

Swap the tenderstem for purple sprouting broccoli in this speedy salad – it’ll work just as well and add a lovely pop of colour. And by using flavour shortcut preserved lemon, you’ll only need a handful of ingredients to deliver big flavour, fast.


What is purple sprouting broccoli?

Purple sprouting broccoli is a purply-green, hardy variety of broccoli, which is part of the brassica plant family. It's leafier and darker in colour than Calabrese, which is the most common type of broccoli. Purple sprouting broccoli gets its name from its appearance – it forms clusters of small purple buds on the tips of long stems (broccoli means ‘little branch’ or ‘little arms’ in Italian).

When is purple sprouting broccoli in season?

Purple sprouting broccoli is available all year round in supermarkets, but is typically at its best from February through to April in the UK.

How to store sprouting broccoli in season

To keep purple sprouting broccoli fresh for as long as possible, remove all packaging as soon as you get it home, wrap it in a damp cloth and then refrigerate.

What are the health benefits of sprouting broccoli in season?

Purple sprouting broccoli is a brilliant source of vitamin C, which we need for lots of things, including keeping our immune system in tip-top condition to help us fight illness. It's also a good source of calcium and folic acid. Eight small florets of broccoli count as one of your 5-a-day (one portion of veg or fruit is 80g raw weight).