Story by Helen Weir-Willats

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago today, Jamie at Home was born. Jamie at Home is a direct selling business that brings people together to encourage them to get cooking in the kitchen using stylish and functional Jme products. Jme is a gorgeous collection of lifestyle products inspired by Jamie Oliver, whose vision guides a group of talented designers. Jamie’s enthusiasm and passion for the Jamie at Home is evident in all areas of the business, from the generously proportioned products to the creative recipes that are available to the Consultants. Jamie said, “I truly can’t believe it’s only a year since Jamie at Home started because it’s been so successful and empowered so many people over the last 12 months. Happy Birthday, Jamie at Home, you’re growing up beautifully.”

In just this first year of trading, over 2,400 Consultants across the United Kingdom and Ireland have signed up to sell the Jme range in the comfort of people’s homes. These 2,400 Consultants have thrown parties attended by an incredible 265,000 people – an amazing result for the first year of any business trading. Joining a winning team has been a welcome relief from the climate of financial uncertainty; thousands of Consultants have been able to make a real difference in their family’s well being with their earnings from selling the lovely Jme products. Jamie at Home has given many people an instant earning opportunity – no prior experience is required and working flexible hours is a benefit for people who need to balance their family and other commitments.

Whether it’s giving those who have been made redundant the opportunity to earn again instantly, giving hundreds of women an opportunity to work flexibility so they can balance their family life, or just giving people the confidence to get out there and believe in themselves, the Jamie at Home business opportunity is open to everyone. Helen Murphy, Consultant on the South Coast, says: “Jamie at Home means the chance to have control over my own working life and balance it out with the needs of my family plus I have to confess going out to parties does actually give me a social life too. This business has helped give me a life again, actually that is not completely true, it has actually given me a whole new life and one which I love!” Love is a word you hear a lot when people talk about Jamie at Home – buyers love the products, Consultants love the opportunity, and Jamie has a whole lot of love for everyone.

If you like the idea of an additional income, becoming a consultant with Jamie at Home offers additional financial rewards such as bonuses for reaching sales targets, top of the range cars to drive and beautiful Jme products for you to own. Put simply – you get out of the business what you put in, so if you work hard, you’ll certainly reap the rewards! For many Consultants the biggest reward is the chance to meet Jamie himself and find out more about the man behind this incredibly successful business.

About the author: Helen Weir-Willats is the Direct PR Manager for Jamie at Home

If you’d like to become a Jamie at Home Consultant or if you’d like to see the latest Jme collection at a party, please call 0844 871 2010.

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