The fight to get our children better food in schools has had a boost today as more children are eating school lunches.
Jamie’s campaigners have said the news proves that by sticking to basic nutritional standards more children are enjoying healthier food. Check out the story so far.

Local authorities have reported that in 2011-12 46.3% of children in primary schools (an estimated 1,994,877 children) and 39.8% of secondary school pupils (an estimated 1,298,529 pupils) were eating dinners prepared and nutritionally balanced by their school.

This means that 2.2% more children than last year were taking the more balanced option.
Nationally it means that since robust national monitoring began in 2008-09, following Jamie’s long-running campaign, almost half-a-million more children have switched from packed lunches to school meals.

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Jamie Foundation school projects manager Michelle Smith said: “At a time when the future of quality and nutritious school meals and all the hard work everyone has done to strive towards feeding our children better since our initial school dinners campaign is under threat, we are delighted to see these figures come out today which once again show another yearly increase in the number of children and families choosing a school meal at lunchtime.”

Michelle added that it was absolutely fantastic that almost half a million more children have now switched from packed lunches to school meals since the nutritional standards for school food came into play. “It proves that despite what many critics said in the beginning more and more children now want and are in fact enjoying the better quality, healthier food on offer in their dining halls,” she continued.

Michelle concluded: “Jamie said it would be a 10-year process to turn the service around but every year when these results come out we can see that because of the hard work and determination of the majority of schools, teachers, governors and most importantly school cooks we are getting there and this government must continue to invest in feeding our children better and keep these huge improvements on track. Congratulations to everyone who is involved in delivering a school meal service day in day out, this is your success.”


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