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Whether it’s on social media, our comments section, our forum, or simply from our friends, we’re always being asked about recipes for those with special dietary requirements.

Well, after months of planning and hard work, the next six weeks are mostly dedicated to those of you that have had to cut things out of your diet, whether it’s for medical or ethical reasons. We’ve got lots of new recipes for people who are vegandairy freevegetarian and gluten free – all cooked up by Jamie and his amazing team of food stylists and nutritionists.


And hand on our hearts, there’s been no compromise on flavour, and no corners cut; whether you have special dietary needs or not, you’re going to love all these dishes. Not only are these some of the best special-diets recipes on the web, they’re simply some of the best food recipes! If you don’t believe us, just take a look at our top fives – a selection of our favourite new Jamie recipes.

If you’re vegan, we’ve got some amazing new vegan recipes for things you never thought you’d be able to eat again. For those out there in need of dairy-free recipes, we’ve got some amazing sweet treats, which are always tricky without cream, and some gorgeous savoury dishes too. For coeliacs, Jamie’s awesome new gluten-free recipes include gluten-free bread and pasta, as well as some dynamite cookies. And last, but never least, our vegetarians are getting some more love too, with lots of new veggie ideas.

gluten-free pasta

On top of all those new dishes we’ve got loads of exciting features coming to help you manage your diet, get inspired to create magical food suitable for everyone, and debunk some of the many myths about diet-related intolerances. As always, our army of amazing feature writers will be writing up brilliant articles and delicious recipes all month too.

So, whatever your diet, tastes or location, this might just be the best month on JamieOliver.com yet.