Sweet potato 5 ingredients

Sweet potato is a hero of healthy cooking – packed full of good things and delicious to boot! And there are so many different ways to enjoy this vibrant veg.

Sweet potatoes are a source of vitamin C, thiamin, potassium and manganese. One large sweet potato (250g) contains more than 70% of our reference intake of vitamin C, which helps our bodies maintain our nervous system, teeth and gums, and protect cells.

Manganese is good for bone health and protecting our cells from stress damage. Thiamin is an important B-vitamin that our nervous systems and our hearts need to function properly. Potassium is also good for the nervous system and keeping our blood pressure healthy.

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5 sweet potato recipes

Baked sweet potatoes


Sweet potatoes count as one of our 5-a-day, but white ones don’t – so make this simple swap and enjoy the benefits!

Asian salmon and sweet potato traybake

sweet potato and asian salmon tray bake

Bursting with fresh Asian flavours, this colourful salmon traybake can be on the table in well under an hour.

Superfood salad

superfood salad sweet potato feature

Full of great veggies, this easy-to-make salad is nutritious, delicious and super-satisfying.

BBQ baked beans

bbq baked beans - sweet potato feature

Comforting and so tasty, this is a great meat-free dinner idea or, without the killer croutons, it makes a damn fine side with roasted meats.

Vegan shepherd’s pie

vegan shepherds pie - sweet potato feature

A rich, hearty and easy veggie pie, topped with fluffy sweet potato and crisp zesty breadcrumbs.

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