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Millions of Americans will now be able to buy beautiful Jme products as the direct sales business Jamie Oliver at Home launches in the United States.

Passionate people in the US can now also become entrepreneurs through this opportunity, which its chief executive, Tim Brown, along with Jamie himself, believes will become hugely popular across all 50 states.

Products to help you cook better food at home from scratch and lead a better life is the message running through the Jamie Oliver at Home business both in the UK and the States.


“This is the only business of this type, direct selling through parties, with a celebrity chef attached to it in the country,” said CEO and company president Tim Brown who has had 20 years in the direct sales industry.

Being a consultant for Jamie at Home or its US counterpart offers the opportunity to earn some extra cash, meet new people, or simply share Jamie’s passion for bringing people together and getting them in the kitchen to have some fun.

“As long as you are passionate,” added Tim, “then you can make it in this business. You just don’t know who is going to be a success when they walk in that door for the first time.”

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Since launching in early 2009 in the UK, more than 2,500 people are now a part of Jamie at Home, making it one of the fastest growing direct selling businesses in the country.

“It’s all about learning together and earning together,” Tim continued, “and it’s also about spreading the love as Jamie himself puts it; getting the message out there that better food leads to a healthier and more enjoyable life.”


“We already have 55 independent business owners in 19 states and next year we want total coverage of all states and we are planning to launch into Canada next year as well.”


And the excitement building around the launch of the business is evident, Tim recalls the Facebook post of a new starter: “It’s here, I’m so excited my Jamie Oliver at Home starter pack has arrived!!” she enthused.


“Spreading the message of better food for a better life, having fun and growing your own independent business, that’s why this is so exciting.”


Learn more at http://ow.ly/ohCCa

Jamie at Home USA

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