March - slices of oranges and lemons

Just after the peak root veg season, and before the bountiful months of spring greens, March is sometimes called the ‘hungry gap’ by gardeners. And although the garden might not be heaving with produce, there are lots of amazing flavours at their very best in March. Here are three of our favourites along with delicious ideas for the best ways to enjoy them.


In March, this long-stemmed brassica is at its sweetest. It’s delicious steamed, roasted, boiled or baked – plus, it’s really good for you. Try our beautiful Stilton and sprouting broccoli frittata, or go for the super-simple Pan-roasted salmon with purple sprouting broccoli and anchovy-rosemary sauce.


At their most vibrant in March, blood oranges are one of the real seasonal treats of this time of year. The dark red flesh looks incredible, so keep it simple and enjoy them sliced in a Chicken & garlic bread kebab, or use the fruit to jazz up a cocktail, such as this  Blood orange mimosa.


More fragrant than larger bulb onions, spring onions have fantastic flavour and work really well in salads, soups and stir-fries. Enjoy their lovely tangy flavour as a garnish for this Cod, potato and spring onion stew.

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