1. Artichoke
  2. Asparagus
  3. Aubergine
  4. Avocado
  5. Beansprouts
  6. Beetroot
  7. Broad beans
  8. Broccoli
  9. Brussels sprouts
  10. Butternut squash
  11. Cabbage
  12. Carrots
  13. Cauliflower
  14. Cavolo Nero
  15. Celeriac
  16. Celery
  17. Chard
  18. Chicory
  19. Chillies
  20. Climbing Beans
  21. Courgettes
  22. Cucumber
  23. Fennel
  24. Garlic
  25. Ginger
  26. Green beans
  27. Horseradish
  28. Jerusalem Artichoke
  29. Kale
  30. Kohlrabi
  31. Leeks
  32. Lettuce
  33. Mushrooms
  34. Okra
  35. Onions
  36. Pak Choi
  37. Parsnips
  38. Peas
  39. Peppers
  40. Plantain
  41. Potatoes
  42. Radicchio
  43. Radishes
  44. Rhubarb
  45. Rocket
  46. Spinach
  47. Spring Onions
  48. Sugar Snap Peas
  49. Swede
  50. Sweet potatoes
  51. Sweetcorn
  52. Tomatoes
  53. Turnips
  54. Wasabi
  55. Watercress
  56. Yam
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How to cook Onions

There are a few types of onions. Brown onions are full of flavour and are the most commonly used, while red onions have a slightly softer flavour and are a good choice for grilling and roasting. White onions are sweeter and often used in salads.

Onions are the basis of loads of delicious dishes, and you can really take them in any direction: blitz up with ginger and garlic for the base of a flavourful curry or soup; finely dice and fry with carrot and celery to make a soffrito; or you could even roast whole onions with a pork or lamb shoulder for a sweet umami hit.



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Onions and garlic are vegetables from the same allium plant family. We mostly eat the bulbs, although the leaves of some species, such as chives and wild garlic, are also tasty. It’s well known that when you cut onions, they make you cry. This is because the knife slices through the plant’s cells, releasing sulphur compounds that react with the air and irritate your eyes.



Onions are available all year round.



Store onions in a cool, dark place.

What are the health benefits?

One medium onion of any colour counts as one of your 5-a-day.